Having a small backyard doesn’t mean you can’t create a luxurious and relaxing space for yourself, your family, and your guests. Sometimes all it takes is a unique and creative approach to planning, landscaping, and decorating to get the results you were hoping for.

Place Wandering Pathways

Stone and brick pathways can help break up small areas of your lawn, and direct you towards areas of interest. Creating a wandering pathway towards an outdoor seating area, hammock, flower garden, or other point of interest can help make a small yard feel much larger and more luxurious.

Standard bricks can make a stylish and classic walkway, but for a more naturalistic feel, go for uniquely shaped natural flat stone. This can make your normal flower patch feel like your very own private botanical garden.

Add a Gazebo

You can create a relaxing or romantic space in your small backyard by adding a gazebo or canopy. Not only does this stylish outdoor structure help keep the sun off of you when you are outside enjoying the afternoon, it also provides a great place for plants and flowers to climb.

Adding an outdoor canopy or gazebo is a great weekend project for the whole family. DIY kits can be found, or you can hire a professional to design the precise look you want. Once the gazebo or canopy is erected, you can place outdoor furniture and other accessories under it to turn it into a comfortable outdoor lounge.

Create Unique Garden Architecture

Having a variety of unique garden architecture around your backyard can make the space feel much larger than it is. Items such as wooden trellis, archways, or arbors are great for adding dimension to small spaces.

These wooden or metal structures can be designed to fit your exact space, or you can get standard sized kits to build yourself. Once they are built, you can use them for growing vining plants such as gourds, sweetpeas, wisteria, and much more.

Hang Up Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting can help reduce the amount of dark spaces around your yard, making it feel much larger and more welcoming to your family and your guests. There are a wide variety of outdoor lighting options you can consider including planter lights, perimeter lighting, string lights, and solar accent lights.

Depending on the amount of lighting you would like, you can also look for security lights such as motion-sensors and spot lights to highlight eye-catching areas of your backyard. Most homeowners will put spotlights around fountains, pools, ponds, and other water features to really draw your eye to that area.

Enjoy an Outdoor Firepit

Modern outdoor fire pits are a great gathering spot for the whole family and work well in any size of backyard. You can relax with a book on a cool morning or evening while listening to the fire crackling in the background, or actively join family and friends to roast marshmallows over your very own modern campfire.