There are a variety of balcony types for your home. Some can be installed simply to improve your exterior aesthetics and property values, and others can be fully usable for holding plants and outdoor furniture.

The type of balcony you choose will depend on the style of building it will be attached to, as well as your intentions and budget. Some balcones are much more desirable than others in general, and some have a higher safety rating than others as well.

False Balcony

A false balcony is more for increasing the exterior aesthetic or property values of your home. False balconies are normally not large enough to be walked on, and may not even be rated to hold a human’s weight.

Their best purpose is to improve the exterior facade of your home while providing a small spot for potted plants to sit in the sunshine and fresh air. Additionally, having a false balcony with patio doors will give you a more open feel for the room it is installed in.

Hung Balcony

A hung balcony is a great option for a quickly installed and fully usable balcony on your home or an apartment building. Hung balconies are secured to the side of the building by mounting plates and steel cables.

This hanging method puts 50% of the balcony weight on the mounting plates at the base, and 50% of the balcony weight on the support cables up higher. A hung balcony is very simplistic and may not improve the overall aesthetic of your home.

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Cantilever Balcony

A cantilever balcony is a platform that projects outward from the building and lacks any visible support. The balcony weight is supported by a structure that is built into the load bearing beams in the building itself.

A cantilever balcony cannot be added onto an existing home and instead will need to be part of the blueprint during construction. In addition, the safety ratings of cantilevered balconies may be lower than other balcony types.

Stacked Balcony

A stacked balcony will put the least amount of load on the building itself. In fact, almost all of the weight a stacked balcony holds is supported by the pillars that hold the balcony up. This style of balcony is simple to install and can come in a range of designs.

Stacked balconies can be made from a variety of materials including wood, concrete or aluminum. This gives you a range of aesthetic options, as well as a variety of weight bearing limits to suit your needs.

Loggia Balcony

A loggia balcony is sometimes not considered a balcony, but instead an extension of the building itself. Loggia balconies are fully enclosed with a roof, and are sometimes called sunrooms and can hold a variety of furniture.

They can be on the ground floor, or higher floors, depending on the homeowner’s or building owner’s preferences. Loggia balconies are popular in high rise buildings such as hospitals, apartments, college dorms, and more.