Who We Are

Tom Salas


Tom’s deep knowledge of metalwork and fanatical attention to detail have made him one of the Bay Area’s most sought after railing contractors.

Tom studied literature at the University of the Pacific with the intention of becoming a teacher, but his lifelong love of woodworking was too strong to ignore. Shortly after graduating he fell into the construction industry where he worked with carpentry, electrical systems, plumbing, and remodeling.

Finally, he discovered metalwork and never looked back.

Over 15 years later, Tom still finds his work deeply satisfying.

“Seeing the rod steel come into the shop and turning it into a beautiful finished product will never get old to me. I love the challenge of it, I love working with my hands, and I love it when my clients see the finished product for the first time.”

In his free time, Tom enjoys board games, puzzles, reading, astrophysics, westerns, gardening, animal husbandry, and fishing. He once broke the Alaska state record for the largest pink salmon ever caught, and is currently revitalizing a 100 year old home and 1-acre grounds.

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