After the travel restrictions of 2020, many people are looking to invest more in their own relaxing space, so they can vacation more comfortably from home. In 2021, this drive for a more sophisticated outdoor space is sparking new trends in backyard deck design and features.

Multi-level Decks

Forget having one, flat deck. Adding multiple levels defines your space and gives you more possibilities for décor and shapes. For example, have your outdoor kitchen on one level, an entertaining space on a second, and a place to lounge right by the pool for the third space. Keep in mind that complicated decks will need more safety features, including sturdy railings and ample lighting to prevent accidents.

Multiple Colors and Finishes

People are also increasingly installing decks with more than one kind of wood or staining it with more than one finish. These colorful decks and create a more interesting and stylish space. Consider pairing a simple neutral brown with something more exciting, like a black or green stain. Or, choose a stain that is intended to have two tones in it, so you have a consistent look across the deck that is still interesting and colorful.

Deck Storage

If you have a tall deck, adding storage beneath it can be a valuable use of space. We suggest you set storge up carefully, adding a floor, walls, and a secure entrance that can keep your items safe from theft and weather. You can use deck storage for your outdoor furniture during the off-season or for other equipment. However, we suggest you don’t store flammable materials or chemicals beneath your deck.

Fire Features

Water features aren’t exactly advisable for decks, but fire features are more reasonable than you might think. Many fire pits and fire tables have ample safety features so that they can be safely placed on decks. If you’ve ever wanted to sit around the fire but not be sitting in the dirt, then 2021 might just be your year.

Built-In Lighting

Elaborate decks with multiple levels, stairways and other features can use built-in lighting to ensure that the deck is safe and well-lit at all times. Lighting can also help decks looks more beautiful and visually striking. Placing it strategically near other features, like potted plants, can help emphasize that feature.

Complicated Planks

Why settle for a simple plank and pattern? Decks in 2021 are more likely to have intricate designs. One great option is to set planks at an angle, as if in a herringbone pattern. Also consider the use of breaker boards, one board set against the grain of the rest, that help define different spaces on your deck.

You might also consider the plank itself. Wider planks are more popular this year, and more unusual wood choices such as Brazilian Teak, Tigerwood, and Garapa.

Cable Railing Systems

A deck’s railing is a great opportunity to make it more secure, beautiful, and high-end. A great deck is easily undermined by a rickety railing, or one that doesn’t match the aesthetic of the rest of the deck. That’s why you should choose a cable railing system. We can use wood, metal, or a combination to match the railing to the look of your deck. Plus, our cable railing systems never sag, warp or buckle.