Balcony Railing

Bay Area Cable Railing installs top-quality balcony railings for both residential and commercial spaces. We’re dedicated to installing nothing but the best, so you have a safer, more beautiful balcony to enjoy.

No matter the style of your balcony, we can match it in aesthetics and beauty. We create picket, glass, metal, wood and mixed balcony railing systems that will exceed your expectations. Learn more about why you should choose a cable railing system from us for your balcony below.

a professional balcony railing installation done by our pros

Why Choose Cable Railings for Your Balcony?

Cable railings are excellent systems that offer many advantages over other types of railings. The benefits of cable railings include:

cable railing system installed on a balcony
  • Longevity: Our cable railings never warp, sag or buckle because we use the best materials and install them with superior skill. We don’t use cables that may corrode in water or fade in the sunlight. Our cable railing systems stand the test of time, and on balconies, where installation or repair is more challenging, this longevity will save you some headache down the road.
  • Beauty: We use high-quality cables so that they can be quite thin. This means that our systems block your beautiful balcony views as little as possible. Our systems are less disruptive than glass railings, which can create glare and distortions.
  • No maintenance: Beyond a simple wipe down with a cloth, cable railing systems do not need any maintenance. You don’t need to worry about the logistics of maintaining your balcony
  • Security: Without a stable railing, a balcony is a safety hazard, especially a rooftop balcony. Our cable railing systems are designed and installed to meet or exceed high safety standards. The typical cable we use is rated to hold 15,000 pounds, while an average car weighs 4,000. There is virtually no chance the cable will break.

Balcony Railing Installation

How do we create such high-quality balcony railings? The answer is two-fold: we use the best materials and install them with expertise.

The Best Materials

We don’t install vinyl-coated or galvanized cable, as they are not as durable as our customers expect.  Instead, we typically use 1/8” type-316 marine-grade stainless steel cables. We use swageless fittings that allow us to use smaller cables and make the whole railing look more sophisticated. Our other materials are sourced from the industry’s best, most ethical and dependable brands. This includes US Wholesale Pipe Tube, Feeny Design Rail, Nailer Steel, and Golden State Lumber.

Ideal Installation

Tom Salas is the lead installer and co-owner of Bay Area Cable Railing. He personally oversees every installation, so that each of our customers gets the benefit of his expertise, passion and skill. He can help you make the most of your balcony space with smart installation choices. For example, we can install rooftop balcony posts into the roof’s fascia, giving you more space without compromising safety.

Choose the Best Balcony Railings Available

Your balcony is the crown of your home, especially if it’s a rooftop balcony. The beauty and safety of the railing are equally important, so don’t compromise either. Reach out to us for balcony railing installation.

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