Perhaps because glass is so ubiquitous for windows in our homes, we tend to think of it as the ideal material to see through. However, when it comes to railings, that isn’t quite true. Cable railings will end up giving you a better view of whatever lovely scene you want to look out onto. Here’s why you should choose cable railings if you want to maximize your view and the reasons that glass may end up disappointing your eyes.

Our Brains Can Ignore Cables

When you’re looking at a cable railing, you’re looking at the thin cables that run horizontally along with them. There are a lot of cables, and in some applications, they need to be relatively thick. However, once you stop seeing the railing and start looking beyond it, your eyes will adjust, and you’ll find you can focus on the view past it.

If you’ve ever seen optical illusions, you know that our brains can work wonders in filtering out some information and filling gaps in others. When you’re on a balcony, patio, or rooftop with a cable railing system, with a glowing orange sunset beyond it, the cables will be the last thing you see.

Glass Distortions, Smudging

In many conditions, glass is transparent. Certainly, these systems offer a better visual than bulky wooden railings. However, glass is prone to visual effects, where it takes on and amplifies the sun. These spots of sun can be blinding and distracting from the view beyond your property.

Glass also easily gets dirty and smudged, filtering out the view kind of like a foggy mirror after your shower. Your brain has no way to ignore this effect, and if you care about your view you will find yourself frequently wiping down the glass. In some circumstances, like when the railing cannot be accessed from the other side because it is too far off the ground, this can become a real hassle. Chances are, you will end up just trying to deal with a blurry view.

Long-Term Looks

Glass cracks and stains will also begin to affect its transparency overtime. With cable railings, you don’t have to worry about any changes the railing might experience as they age. With our cable railings, you won’t even see sagging or warping.

Post Colors

Whether you end up choosing glass or cables for your railing system, you may also want to put some thought into the color of the posts that support them. Some colors will stand in stark contrast to the view and may therefore be disruptive to your enjoyment of your space. Try to select a neutral color or one that doesn’t contrast with the view beyond it. Stainless steel, kept in silver, is a nice option for ocean views. Wooden posts may look better against grassy views. If you are planning on entertaining at night and you want your balcony to be unobtrusive, you may be better off choosing black.

Your railing professionals should have the experience to assess your view and help you choose the materials and colors that will fade into the background the best.