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The Best Plants for an Apartment Balcony

If you live in the city or an apartment nearby, or even in a smaller house, you may not have a place to garden. The good news is that you can still grow nearly everything you’d want in just a few square feet – really whatever you have at your disposal! There are a few [...]

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Balcony Safety for Kids

Children getting their heads suck in the railings of a balcony or staircase is almost a trope on television and in movies. Yet, behind this comedic situation is real hazard. Balcony safety for kids is important, as approximately 140 children die from falls per year in the United States Balconies are dangerous for children as [...]

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Four Easy Ways to Modernize Your Deck

Most people buy homes that already have a deck installed, probably many years ago. It’s no surprise that those decks usually feel out of place with modern furniture on them. Even if you installed the deck yourself, it doesn’t take long for a deck to feel dated. The good news is that you don’t have [...]

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