Railing Installation in Concord

We proudly provide superior railing installations in Concord using only the best materials

If you need a new railing, it may seem that keeping your property beautiful and safe is a challenge. Too many railing types ask you to choose one or the other. They use flimsy materials or ugly ones.

Discover cable railing systems that don’t make you compromise. Our cable railing installations offer beauty, safety, and security without compromise. Our custom-fabricated railing systems will never buckle, warp, or sag. They’re also virtually maintenance free, making your rails the ultimate investment for your property.

Find out why you should choose us for your railing installation in Concord, or contact us today for a bid.

backyard cable railing system with artificial turf and old growth oak tree

“I called Tom, since I heard did the system for a friend of ours that had VERY good results, and i only called to ask him for some parts and he was AMAZING.  He took time to give me detailed instructions/recommendations on how to improve the deck cabling system without even hiring him. This guy is the real deal of Cabling systems. . He was very supportive of empowering me to do our own system. Check his website out, he also wrote an article about the ins/outs of cabling system.”

David C

Which Railing Do You Need?

Every property in Concord has slightly different needs from its balcony. Our experienced team will actively guide you through the installation process, identifying your needs, and making sure that your railing system will meet them perfectly. We serve homeowners and commercial property owners.

Railings for Residential Settings

In homes, the safety of your children and the beauty of the railing are often top concerns. You want a railing that requires no maintenance and will add to your home value down the road when you want to sell. Cable railing systems fit the bill, with incredible strength, no maintenance, and a huge range of style and materials options. Our residential hand railing systems make great stair railings, balcony railings, rooftop railings, deck railings, and even safety railings.

Railings for Commercial Settings

Commercial properties are very demanding on their railings. You may have a whole crowd leaning on your railing. That’s why we use marine-grade cables that are rated to hold 15,000 pounds. When you consider that a vehicle weighs roughly 4,000 pounds, that is some incredible strength.

Beyond strength, cable railing systems also need to be beautiful. We can create metal, wood, and glass railings that enhance the looks of your property. With our railing, your property will be more appealing and, therefore more profitable.

We Install it All

  • Deck railing systems
  • Balcony railing
  • Handrails / handrailing
  • Stair railing / stairway railing
  • Porch railing
  • Rooftop railing
  • Loft railing
  • Stainless steel cable railing
  • Aluminum railing
  • Composite railing
  • Glass railing
  • Powder coated railing
  • Custom infill options
  • Custom finishes
  • Custom fasteners and bracket hardware
  • Custom posts / balusters
  • Tempered glass infills
  • Custom posts and post caps
  • Fascia mounts
  • And more

All of our railing systems are completely customizable, exceed building codes, and are installed to last decades with little to no maintenance.

our team finished a wood post railing installation in Concord, California
cable railing fascia-mounted on deck with wooden handrails
glass railing system installed

Railing Materials

Railings that add charm, beauty, and safety to a property should be made out of the best materials from some of the industry’s leading suppliers. We can source high-quality woods, metals, glass and, of course, cables for your railing. Turn to us for these railing types:

  • Metal railings
  • Wood railings
  • Combination railings
  • Picket railings
  • Glass railings

Also, there are materials that we won’t use for your railings because we care about the quality of your railing and its permanence. We will not use galvanized steel cables, as they corrode over time. That means they will wear out, which makes them much less safe than our cables. We also won’t use vinyl-coated cables, which are of even lower quality. They break down from exposure to the sun.

Why Choose Bay Area Cable Railing?

We are a full time, dedicated railing contractor in Concord that offers exceptionally high-quality railing systems. Co-owner and lead installer, Tom Salas, personally oversees every single railing that we install. His experience in fine metalwork and carpentry ensures that our railings are crafted with expert craftsmanship. Beauty isn’t necessary, but it isn’t everything. Tom will catch even the smallest errors in your railing before they can cause issues. In the end, you’ll have a railing that you can lean on.

All of our systems are custom built from the best materials the railing industry has to offer. Custom building our systems means that we can offer more options than your typical hand railing installer. Whether you could benefit from fascia-mount railings that maximize floor space on your deck, rooftop, or balcony, or whether you need a few hairpin turns to unify a longer, more complex railing system, our team is beyond prepared for the job.

Choose us for railing installation in Concord, Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Pleasanton, and other nearby cities.

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