Whether it’s a rural home or an apartment, property developers and homeowners have embraced the benefits of outdoor spaces. Balconies are a must-have feature in modern buildings, as they bring lifestyle perks and a profitable advantage in capital growth. This is demonstrated by the ever-increasing gap between homes with and without outdoor living spaces in the Bay area. If you want to list your property for sale or to rent, Bay Area Cable Railing can help you maximize your return on investment. Here are ways a balcony can add value to your property.

Soak Up Impressive Views

Many people desire a home where indoor living spaces merge with the outside. While this may not be a new concept in the Bay area, balconies remain prestigious. Adding a balcony provides an ideal spot to unwind and socialize if you reside in nature or high-rise locations. Besides breathtaking panoramic views, prospective investors and owners define the caliber of a property based on the exterior living spaces.

Versatile Living Space

Another way balconies increase property value is by allowing residents to enjoy a more versatile living space. A well-designed balcony adds flexibility, more room, and natural lighting and improves air circulation within the home. If the property is compact, balconies can add extra flair, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors amidst a busy scene. In addition, balconies provide supplementary living areas, a miniature garden, or extra dining space.

Indulge in a Healthier Lifestyle

A balcony blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing residents in the Bay area to enjoy a more comfortable and integrated space. You no longer have to crack a window open to let in the fresh air because your balcony allows you to enjoy the “green space effect” by simply sliding the door and walking out into your oasis. Residents leading a fast-paced lifestyle can enjoy a peaceful hub after a long day at work. Studies show that balconies, gardens, terraces, and other outdoor spaces promote a healthier and happier ambiance.

The Appeal of Communal Outdoor Spaces

Most developments in the Bay area benefit from private balconies and terraces, which offer more cope for socializing, relaxing, and entertaining. If your rental property has a well-manicured garden on the balcony, it can provide a sanctuary to tenants without having to maintain it themselves. Families can also get a recreational area where children can play safely and freely. Additionally, communal outdoor spaces are an eye-catching feature in modern developments, particularly in densely populated areas where it’s hard to find peace and quiet.

Reaping Investment Rewards

The Bay area is experiencing a new wave of architectural ingenuity about maximizing space and energy efficiency. We acknowledge the changing demands, times, and attitudes, which have contributed to an increase in homes with an open plan and plenty of outdoor space. The increased prevalence of houses with balconies comes with hefty premiums, making these properties valuable assets to prospective investors.

Now you know how much value a balcony can add. Contact us at Bay Area Cable Railing to learn more about outdoor spaces and property value. We provide quality cable railing for exposed areas, enhancing safety and functionality.