Incredibly strong, beautiful, and with long life spans, a cable railing system can stand up to any commercial use that you might have for a railing. It’s an ideal solution for many reasons, including that it blocks your view the least of all railing types and won’t ever warp, buckle, or sag (at least when we install them.) Discover some of the many uses of cable railings in commercial settings below.

1. Open Offices

Open offices are the commercial equivalent of open concept homes. With more light, lines of sight, and big windows, open offices create a more pleasant environment to work in. When you need to add a railing to this space, you typically want to choose something that will feel modern and interfere with lines of sight and light as little as possible. The obvious option is a cable railing. With great looks and thing cables, our railings will keep your office feelings open.

2. Connect Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

These days, many commercial buildings have interior and exterior spaces that make more sense joined than separated. You might have a restaurant entrance next to your patio. Or, your wedding venue might have a staircase that connects your outdoor ceremony space with your indoor reception space. Perhaps you have a vineyard with an attached restaurant. You want to create the impression that your dining guests are connected to the vineyard while also making it clear they can’t step into it.

A cable railing is the perfect option to connect indoor and outdoor spaces. It looks great inside and can stand up to harsh outdoor weather conditions. It allows guests to see, but it is still a definite and strong barrier. Plus, we can create a railing that will match whatever aesthetic you’re trying to cultivate in the space.

3. Rooftop Spaces

Any property with a rooftop would do well to make use of it. Rooftop lounges, restaurants, and gardens can all be a great way to extend your space, offer more value and generate more revenue. But how do you make it safe? Ideally, while maximizing the space? Cable railing systems are very strong and the perfect way to provide safety and reduce your liability on rooftop spaces. Each individual cable is rated to hold 15,000 pounds, making it virtually impossible for someone to break through the railing and fall.

Plus, we can securely install a cable railing system onto the fascia of the roof. This gives you more space than just installing the railing on the rooftop, and it is still secure.

4. Property Perimeter

Cable railing systems are also a great choice for your property perimeter. Increase security, define space and make the edges of your property look great. We can work with a variety of wood or metal posts, including steel and stainless steel, to make your perimeter fence secure, resistant to the elements, and beautiful.

Are you interested in adding a cable railing to your commercial property, but not quite sure if it’ll work? You’d be surprised at what we can pull off. Reach out to us to discuss your commercial railing needs.