Most people buy homes that already have a deck installed, probably many years ago. It’s no surprise that those decks usually feel out of place with modern furniture on them. Even if you installed the deck yourself, it doesn’t take long for a deck to feel dated.

The good news is that you don’t have to start from scratch if you want to modernize your old deck. A few new features and and additional structures can go a very long way. Here are four easy ways to modernize your deck.

1. Refinish and Lighten

The decks of decades past were stained or painted very dark. Unfortunately, dark decks with thick finishes are more obviously affected by the passage of time, through sun staining and chipping. So one sure-fire way to modernize the wood is to strip the old finish and add a newer, lighter one.

Start by power-washing the old finish off and then resealing the wood with a natural wash in a brighter tone. If the wood itself is quite dark, you can use a deck brightener to adjust the color. Once you’ve used the brightener, you’ll need to rinse the wood off and add a stain.

2. Install Wiring for Modern Features

Decks that were installed years ago, or by DIYers, rarely have the electrical wiring to support the modern features you crave when you’re entertaining outdoors. Work with an electrician to get more outlets outside, or to install these embellishments:

  • Sound system: Portable Bluetooth speakers are great, but recessed surround sound speakers that connect wirelessly and never need to be charged are better.
  • LED lighting: With LED lighting, keeping the party going all night isn’t expensive or a huge waste of electricity. Plus, lighting increases safety on your deck.
  • Charging stations: You and your guests may not want to go inside to charge your phones or to connect other electrical devices.
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3. Add a Railing System

Decks without a railing system can be vastly improved with one. Railings help define space, making the whole yard seem larger and truly multi-purpose. If you already have a railing system, it may be time to upgrade. Sagging or broken rails ruin the look of your yard and may become safety concerns.

We can help you choose a new railing style that will look modern now and stand the test of time. Consider these classic deck railing materials:

  • Cable: Cable railings look extremely sleek and modern, and require absolutely no maintainance if installed correctly. They’re the perfect choice if you want to preserve the view from your deck.
  • Glass: Glass is a modern material that doesn’t block the lovely view you have from your deck. Don’t worry, the glass railings we install are high quality and safe.
  • Wood: Wood railings can match your deck exactly, creating a harmonious, unified look. Properly sized poles are essential for the longevity and stability of wood railings.

4. Put a Lid on It

Pergolas and gazebos define your deck space too. Plus, they can offer shade, making your outdoor space more comfortable on even the hottest days. Just as with railing systems, you can get pergola or gazebo that matches your deck exactly, resulting in a unified, modern look.

There are many potential accessories you can add to your pergola, including:

  • Curtains
  • Fairy lights
  • Spotlights or focal lights
  • Climbing plants
  • Planter boxes

You can easily modernize your deck and add function with any of these upgrades. If you want, consider investing in all four is sure to create a complete, modern outdoor space.