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We proudly install the finest cable railing systems in Fremont for businesses and homeowners

Don’t let railings on your property be an eyesore. Whether it’s on a balcony, a rooftop patio, or your indoor staircase, your railings should be beautiful, safe, and completely maintenance-free. We offer cable railings in Fremont that will enhance even the most beautiful buildings. From homes and residential properties to commercial buildings and properties, we are proud to install our railing systems anywhere you need a railing. Choose us to custom design, find higher quality materials, and get a cable railing system that will never sag, warp or buckle.

The Advantages of Cable Railing Systems

There are many other railing options, so why choose cable railings? We can confidently say that we offer a product of exceptional quality. In addition, they offer a combination of features that no other railing system can, including:

Our pros finished installing this cable railing system in Fremont
  • Strength: Cable railings are incredibly strong. The first-choice cables we recommend for most purposes are rated for 15,000 pounds, significantly more than a car. It is virtually impossible for you to snap these cables.
  • Durability: These railings will continue to look amazing for years to come. Our cables will not sag, break or warp over time, not only because we choose great cables but because we install posts of the right size and with quality materials. We’re dedicated to quality installation so you can enjoy your cable railing system for a long time.
  • Beauty: Choose from high-end woods, quality metals, glass, or a mixture of materials for your railing. We can create railings that are modern, minimalist, rustic or any style that works with your property.
  • Views: Thin cables will disrupt your view the least of all railing materials. That includes glass, which creates light effects and can block your view altogether

We Install it All

  • Hand railings
  • Deck railings
  • Porch railings
  • Stair railings
  • Balcony railings
  • Rooftop railings
  • Stainless steel cable railing
  • Aluminum railing
  • Steel metal railing
  • Glass infill railing
  • Powder-coating railing
  • Custom post caps
  • Custom infills
  • Custom hardware and fasteners
  • Custom finishes
  • Fascia mounts
  • And more
Powder coated cable railings installed in a backyard

All of our railing systems are masterfully installed with nearly invisible welding, high-tension cables that will not require to be tightened, and a variety of custom features to choose from. We can also match your home or business’s aesthetics with sleek stainless steel, craftsman wood posts and caps, farmhouse chic exposed hardware, or anything you can dream of. Finally, all of our cable rail systems are installed to be extremely safe and fully code compliant, so you’ll never have to worry about your installation.

Cable railings installed by our team at a park

Commercial Cable Railings

Our team is well versed with the unique needs of different commercial properties. We can create large, stable railings to reduce your liability and help you meet or exceed building code requirements. We recommend stainless steel cable for most commercial environments as they offer more strength and durability.

Also, we focus on the beauty of our railings, ensuring that it reinforces the quality brand impression that you want to make in customers. Unlike an aluminum railing, our railings offer a high-end look, and we can include custom-welded elements. Every building including hotels, wineries, offices and retail locations, can be elevated with a cable rating.

Residential Cable Railings

A cable rail is also an excellent choices for a home, whether you have a single detached property or a condominium. We create railings that are safe for everyone to use, including children and the elderly. We typical recommend a steel railing for a home, and can add wood or a decorative baluster or post caps to make the railing warmer and more appealing. Whether you need a hand railing, a balcony railing, or something for your stairs, a cable railing can suit the style of your home.

Our cable railing systems are suitable for indoors or outdoors.  They can serve as safety railings around a balcony, a yard, or even a pool.  Our systems are fully customizable to work with the aesthetics of your home and property.

Interior cable railings installed by our team
Our pros installed these cable railings around a pool
Custom home railings installed by our pros
Beautiful interior cable stair railings installed by our pros
Custom railings around a gazebo

Complement Your Architecture

Cable barriers are compatible with most architectural styles, from contemporary to rustic and traditional. A cable railing is an excellent option if you are still determining the railing suited to your architecture and interior design. A railing contractor can easily install cable railing with existing wood, metal, and composite railings to achieve your desired style. Many people feel that concrete slabs don’t blend nicely with wooden railings, but cable railings are the exception. You can create a sophisticated appearance appealing to concrete surfaces with stainless steel cable railings.

Many of our components are available in multiple finishes, and all of our components are painstakingly drilled and welded to look great from any angle. Much of our metal is custom fabricated by us, or by trusted suppliers, so no two cable rail systems are exactly the same. So whether you want a sleek, stainless steel railing system that lets you enjoy an unobstructed view, deck railing systems that incorporate stairway railing and snake around existing landscaping, or a wood railing system that stands as its own architectural feature, we can help you craft the perfect cable rail system to exceed your expectations.

For handrails, choose from sleek stainless steel, powder-coated steel, natural wood, stained wood, and more. For hardware, we offer a wide variety of fastener, bracket, and anchor grip hardware. We offer many of our hand rail options as post and baluster/ballustrade options as well, and can also offer custom spacing for a unique look. You can even choose for your railing to be mounted directly into the flooring or decking, or fascia mounted to maximize available square footage.

How We Go Above and Beyond

Not all cable railings are made equal. We believe in offering top-quality railings, and we always go above and beyond to ensure we’re delivering on that promise. Here are just some of the ways that we stand out from other railing contractors:

Outside installation of steel cable railings
  • Better materials: You can tell we’re invested in the quality of our product by the materials we won’t use. Vinyl-coated cables break down in the sun and galvanized cables corrode–we won’t use either.
  • Expertise: We can advise you as to how your cable railing should be installed to handle specific risks and circumstances, including installation on a commercial property where many people may be leaning on the railing.
  • Installation skill: We have advanced installation skills. For example, we can install our railings into the fascia of your roof, giving your more space to stand on your rooftop patio.
  • Personal attention: Tom Salas, our lead installed, oversees every single railing system we install, ensuring each is up to our high standards.

Choose Us Today

We are a full time, dedicated railing contractor in Fremont that offers exceptionally high-quality railing systems. Co-owner and lead installer, Tom Salas, personally oversees every single railing that we install. His experience in fine metalwork and carpentry ensures that our railings are crafted with expert craftsmanship. Beauty isn’t necessary, but it isn’t everything. Tom will catch even the smallest errors in your railing before they can cause issues. In the end, you’ll have a railing that you can lean on.

All of our systems are custom built from the best materials the railing industry has to offer. Custom building our systems means that we can offer more options than your typical hand railing installer. Whether you could benefit from fascia-mount railings that maximize floor space on your deck, rooftop, or balcony, or whether you need a few hairpin turns to unify a longer, more complex railing system, our team is beyond prepared for the job.  If you need a new, high-quality railing in Fremont, reach out to us at Bay Area Cable Railing today.

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