Comparing a French balcony vs. a Juliet balcony is simple. These two terms mean the same thing: a balcony without a floor. Instead, a large window or double doors open inward to reveal a balcony railing that you can lean out of. You might wonder why these balconettes or false balconies are popular, and if they would be right for your property. They may be small, but they can make a big impact. Here is what you need to know about French balconies or Juliet balconies.

Why are They Called French or Juliet Balconies?

French balconies were popularized in Georgian Britain, in the 18th century. Architects of the time used French balconies to add flair and décor to the exterior of the building. Plus, they also added light and ventilation to the inside.

The alternate name “Juliet” is a reference to Romeo and Juliet. The balcony itself is not mentioned in Shakespeare’s play. Instead, he writes that Juliet looked out her bedroom window to talk to Romeo. However, performances of the play frequently have balconies, so the nickname caught on.

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Why Get a French Balcony?

To some, a French balcony seems like an odd choice. Why have a balcony that doesn’t give your property any additional square footage? There are actually several benefits of these balconies, including:

  • Bring the outdoors in: French balconies are a simply way to add light, fresh air and a sense of space to any room. They make bedrooms feel larger or help ventilate your master ensuite.
  • Maximize space: If you own a condo or are building a large property, you may not have room to add balconies of any significant size. A French balcony allows you to get some of the benefits of a balcony anyway.
  • Make your home safer: If you want a floor to ceiling window or a similarly large window that opens, it’s best to have a balconette to prevent falls.
  • Add décor and artistry: These balconies add beauty to the inside and outside of your building. You’ll find intricate metal French balconies, natural wood balconies, and much more.
  • Save on building costs: You can add a French balcony without adding the supports and materials that a full balcony requires. For builders and property owners, French balconies help reduce the costs of your build or renovation.

What Type of Juliet Balcony Should You Choose?

You have several options when it comes to materials and style for your Juliet balcony. If you prefer a modern look that has less impact on the architecture of your property, a glass Juliet balcony may be right for you. A wooden Juliet balcony can impart a range of styles, the most popular being a natural look. Metal can also make for an elegant Juliet balcony.
While Juliet balconies are sometimes poorly executed, they can look gorgeous and be exceptionally safe. Cable railing systems are an ideal choice for them, as they offer superior longevity and beauty. A cable railing installed by us will never bow, break or warp. Discuss your Juliet balcony options with us today.