how to make your balcony feel like a complete spaceSo many balconies have only chairs. Don’t waste your balcony square footage! Here’s how to make your balcony feel like a complete space that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

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A Rug

  • Why add it:The balcony is much more comfortable when your feet aren’t too hot or too cold.
  • Design tips:
  • Consider splurging with the quality of this rug, as it will be smaller.
  • A uniquely patterned rug can add color & texture to a bland balcony.


Why add it: Plants add a sense of life to any space& they are simple to care for on balconies.

Design tips:

  • Use two large plants for either side of the balcony, for balance.
  • Add shelving to hold small potted plants and to preserve space.


  • Why add it: To truly enjoy the balcony space, you need to have comfortable seating to enjoy.
  • Design tips:
  • Choose a narrow outdoor couch to seat multiple people in comfort.
  • Add pillows for comfort and to provide color and texture accents.
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Table Space

  • Why add it: A table gives you the room to eat, read, entertain, and play games on the balcony.
  • Design tips:
  • Living room side-tables may be small enough to fit on tiny balconies.
  • Choose a table that is easy to move so that you can rearrange the space.

Sound System

  • Why add it: When you have a sound system, your balcony suddenly becomes a party space.
  • Design tips:
  • Choose a sound system that can connect with any devices you leave inside.
  • Don’t want to be distracted from nature? Put up a soft wind chime instead.


  • Why add it:Lighting extends the time that you can use your balcony and creates ambiance.
  • Design tips:
  • Put your candles inside lanterns that can be left on the floor, to save space.
  • Add fairy lights to the wall behind the rail, so you’re not staring at the light.


  • Why add it: Shelving expands your space, so you can keep more useful items on the balcony.
  • Design tips:
  • Open shelving is best for decorative items like picture frames & pottery.
  • Choose a small cabinet so you can keep treasured items safe from the rain.

By: Bay Area Cable Railing