Railing Installation in Livermore

Bay Area Cable Railing is proud to be the railing contractor in Livermore that provides railings of superior quality

Homes and businesses in Livermore that need new railings need a cable railing system. With superior strength, beauty, and longevity, a cable railing system can fit in anywhere, from rooftop dining to home decks. If you want to best railing system, trust Bay Area Cable Railing. We source our materials from the best local suppliers and can provide you with a system that never bends, warps or buckles. Discover why you should choose us for your railing installation in Livermore.

our team finished this new steel cable railing installation in Livermore

Why Cable Railing Systems?

There are other kinds of railing systems, but we only install cable railings because we don’t want you to have to compromise. These railings are superior and combine every quality that a homeowner or a business owner could want for a railing on their property. This includes:

superior cable railings installed on property
  • Strength: With thin but incredibly strong cables, these railing systems achieve incredible strength. Each cable can hold 15,000 pounds.
  • Durability: These railings have exceptional durability. Not all railing companies can achieve this, but we install railings that will never sag, buckle or warp.
  • Beauty: We can design a cable railing that will truly enhance the aesthetics of any space, whether you need something modern, rustic, or minimalist.
  • Maintenance-free: Cable railing systems do not require maintenance. You may, of course, need to occasionally wipe them down for dust and dirt.
  • View: With thin cables, these systems disrupt your view the least of any kind of railing, even glass.

With all of these great features, a cable railing system can be suitable for any application, from condo balconies to commercial rooftops and the main staircase inside a home.

What Makes a Quality Railing?

You can get cable railings from other companies, but you should choose us because out team always delivers a high-quality railing that will surpass your expectations. Here is how you can assess the quality of your railing:

  • Cable materials: Stainless steel and vinyl-coated cables will breakdown with exposure to sun and the elements. We use marine-grade stainless steel cables at least 1/8 inch thick that provide the longevity you’re looking for.
  • Post sizes: Square, properly sized posts are as important as cable materials. We use wooden posts that are at least 4×6, sometimes 6×6 in order to provide a proper frame for the cable. Metal posts can be smaller without compromising quality.
  • Styling: Take a look through our gallery and you’ll see that we truly can make cable railings that look good in any aesthetic. Match your coastal balcony space, your farmhouse kitchen, or your modern amusement park.
high-quality railing combined with wood

Choose Bay Area Cable Railings

We do not install a single railing without direct oversight from Tom Salas, the owner of Bay Area Cable Railing. With his deep knowledge of metal work and railings, dedication to quality, and perfectionism, every railing that we create stands the test of time.

Reach out to us today for railing installations in Livermore.

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