Getting a little outdoors time during the winter months is a great idea to boost your mood, get some vitamin D and fresh air. If you have a balcony, you don’t need to go far to enjoy the great outdoors. But you might want to make a few adjustments to make your balcony more comfy for the winter. It’s simple to make a warmer, more beautiful space that you’ll enjoy spending time in, even if it’s snowing.

1. Upholstered Furniture

Wooden furniture with slats might work great for summer, but in winter, you need more protection from the wind. Try swapping out your summer furniture for more comfortable upholstered versions. Or, you could add pillows and blankets to your current furniture to make them more comfortable.

2. Pillows and Blankets

Speaking of pillows and blankets, don’t skimp on adding additional pillows and blankets to your space for comfort. Choose a theme to coordinate around, and you’ll get more cosy results. Here are some themes to consider:

  • Furs: Nothing quite says winter comfort like furs. Combine furs in multiple colors for contrast or choose one theme.
  • Bohemian: Lots of tassels, bright colors, and textured fabrics make for a livelier balcony space that can chase away the winter blues.
  • All-white: A great option for winter, all-white themes look luxurious and can make a small balcony look larger.

3. Rugs and Flooring

Rugs are another great way to make your balcony warmer. Thicker, softer rugs are a great idea, but you won’t want to track your shoes on them. Grab a nice pair of slippers to add to your balcony comfort.

Of course, if you really want to make your flooring warmer, you can add radiant heating to it. This can increase the value of the property too, and it is significantly safer than adding a space heater, especially with all of the fabrics you might be adding.

candles and a blanket on the balcony4. Candles and Lanterns

What is a cozy space without some cheerful lighting? Scattered candles can cast a great ambiance on the balcony during dusk. Try faux candles for safety or if your balcony is a bit too windy to hold a flame. Or, consider glass lanterns, which can add a refined look to the balcony and aren’t affected by wind.

5. Enclosure Options

Of course, wind can still affect you and make your balcony much cooler than it needs to be. You have a few options to shelter your space, including:

  • Curtains: Get some privacy and retain some heat with outdoor curtains hung from the balcony above yours or suspended on a rod.
  • Screen porch: The same walls you can put up to enclose your porch can also be put up on your balcony. The screens don’t protect from wind, but you can hang fabrics or add a more impermeable material for the winter.
  • Glass: Glass enclosures can offer significant protection from the wind, but take care to be sure they won’t cast an annoying glare.

potted evergreens6. Evergreens

It can be challenging to liven up your balcony for the winter, as your traditional plant options usually can’t take the cold. Add short, potted evergreens instead. They offer some shelter from the wind and add life to an otherwise cold balcony.