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Every aspect of your property should enhance it, railings included. We offer beautiful, durable railings that match the expectations of the people and businesses in Monterey. Our cable railing systems are custom-built from exceptional materials, finely attuned to the aesthetics of their environment and completely without maintenance. We build more than the average railing and guarantee that ours will never sag, warp, or buckle. Find out why you should choose us as your railing contractor in Monterey.

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How Cable Railings Stand Out

Cale railings have highly durable steel cables as the horizontal rails instead of the steel, aluminum, or wood you find in other railing systems. Cable railings offer an unbeatable mix of characteristics that make them the foremost choice for homes and for businesses. Here is how cable railings stack up to your other options:

a properly installed cable railing system
  • Superior strength: The specific cables that we use are rated to hold 15,000 pounds, which means there are almost no circumstances where they can break. That, combined with our high standards for the installation of posts, ensure that you get a railing with remarkable strength and safety.
  • Better aesthetic: We’re craftsmen who work with metal, wood and glass to create railings that look stunning. Whether you want a plain railing that blends into the background or something with more character, we’re ready to create a design you’ll love.
  • No maintenance: A properly installed cable railing system made from quality materials will not need maintenance other than wiping it down for dust and dirt.
  • Less obstruction: Of all railing types, cable railings offer the least obstruction to your view. That includes glass railings. The cables are thin and, unlike glass, do not create light distortions and glare.

Quality Railing Materials

When you’re seeking to create the best railing, as we are, your material quality is of the utmost importance. Whether it is a deck railing, balcony railing, or a railing for the main stair in your home, you can get materials that both match the surroundings and offer exceptional strength and durability. While other railing contractors may settle for galvanized steel cables or low-quality wood species, we do not. We source the best options and are committed to purchasing them from locals, including Feeny Inc., Golden State Lumber, U.S. Wholesale Pipe and Tube, and more. Here’s some details about the materials we prefer to use:

stainless steel cable railings with high-quality wood
  • Type 316 marine-grade stainless steel cable: These cables are specially produced to withstand the salt and moisture of marine environments. Plus, with exceptional durability, we can use thinner 1/8-inch cables, which helps your railing look great too.
  • High-quality wood varieties: You may have a specific look in mind for your cable railing and we can deliver it with interesting and quality wood varieties.
  • Steel: We use American-made steel that is treated with Gatorshield, a unique coating that offers further protection to the material.

We have high-quality standards for our materials, and we’re happy to compare materials with you and ensure you’re getting the quality material you expect for your price point.

Steel vs Stainless Steel Railings

We don’t offer aluminum railings or other lower-quality options. Instead, our cable rail comes in steel or stainless steel. Either can have wooden elements included in it. Both have all-steel fasteners, which is important to ensure quality.

stainless steel cable railings made in monterey
Steel Railings
Steel is a strong, sleek material that is available in a wide range of finishes. We can create any kind of look you need for your steel railing, from an indoor railing with modern, minimal balustrades and post caps, or a rustic deck railing that looks good next to your fencing. Any railing designs or ideas you have can be accommodated by all-steel. Plus, we offer picket-style steel railings with smarter design and custom welded elements to provide exceptional strength and durability.


Stainless Steel Railings

Rail systems made entirely of stainless steel offer resistance to high humidity environments and salt spray. Stainless steel railings are stronger and therefore the better option for you if you need your railing to handle certain demanding commercial applications and be compliant with the building codes that go along with them. Still, these railings can look sleek, traditional, romantic, elegant, or rustic, essentially any style that you need. Let us know what your specifications are and we can meet them.

Work with Bay Area Cable Railings

We’re talented professionals with experience creating exceptional railings for all circumstances, residential and commercial, indoors and outdoors. You can rely on us for railings for rooftops, stairs, balconies, and any other application.

Reach out to discuss why we should be your railing contractor in Monterey, CA, today.

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