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Customizable Cable Railing Systems, Stair Railings, & Safety Railings

Cable railing is arguably the best alternative to metal and wood railings. Although this type of railing is commonly used as handrails and guardrails, it offers many benefits in commercial establishments, as well as residential areas. As a business owner, it is essential to guarantee the safety of your employees and customers. Bay Area Cable Railing is the go-to service provider when you need a strong and durable railing that complements your establishment. Cable barriers blend perfectly with traditional and contemporary settings, making it a valuable investment to boost your commercial property. Not only are these systems aesthetically pleasing, but they are low to no maintenance, making them a practical solution for your property.

Our team finished the installation of these deck cable railings in Newark

There’s no property that won’t benefit from a cable railing system. Cable railing systems provide exceptional strength, long-term durability, surprising beauty, and they are the least obstructive to your view. To ensure we produce a superior railing every time, we seek out the best materials from local, industry-leading manufacturers. Our railing systems can be fully customized to meet your needs and tastes. From powder-coated posts to wood posts and custom finishes, your railing system can look as sleek and modern, weathered and rustic, or unique and memorable as you want. We are ready to help you create the look you envision.

Our railing systems can be utilized for:

  • Stair railings
  • Hand railings
  • Guard rails
  • Balcony rails
  • Roof railings
  • Deck railings
  • Light fencing
  • Much more

All of our railing solutions are extremely durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, safe, and fully building code compliant.

Cable railings installed on a commercial property

Distinguish Your Commercial Perimeter

Many activities happen simultaneously in the workplace and cable railings can help you specify boundaries for guests. While many might argue glass barriers are aesthetically appealing and solid walls are great for security, cable railings offer a broader view of the building and surrounding area, attracting potential customers, while still providing the security you desire. Hiring a professional railing contractor guarantees quality installation and a fantastic view of the premises for customers to enjoy.

Cable railings integrate seemingly with the surrounding nature

Natural Connection of Spaces Indoors and Outdoors

The sleek, streamlined appearance of cable railing allows the natural flow of spaces, creating an appealing continuity that’s not easy to achieve with other railing forms. While glass may seem like a good option, it needs cleaning and other maintenance that isn’t needed with our cable systems. We recommend cable railing for terraces, as it maximizes the view, which is vital when creating a lasting impression from the moment the customer walks through your doors. Most barriers tend to break up spaces, but cable railing connects them without taking up space.

Complement Your Architecture

Cable barriers are compatible with most architectural styles, from contemporary to rustic and traditional. A cable railing is an excellent option if you are still determining the railing suited to your architecture and interior design. A railing contractor can easily install cable railing with existing wood, metal, and composite railings to achieve your desired style. Many people feel that concrete slabs don’t blend nicely with wooden railings, but cable railings are the exception. You can create a sophisticated appearance appealing to concrete surfaces with stainless steel cable railings.

Many of our components are available in multiple finishes, and all of our components are painstakingly drilled and welded to look great from any angle. Much of our metal is custom fabricated by us, or by trusted suppliers, so no two cable rail systems are exactly the same. So whether you want a sleek, stainless steel railing system that lets you enjoy an unobstructed view, deck railing systems that incorporate stairway railing and snake around existing landscaping, or a wood railing system that stands as its own architectural feature, we can help you craft the perfect cable rail system to exceed your expectations.

For handrails, choose from sleek stainless steel, powder-coated steel, natural wood, stained wood, and more. For hardware, we offer a wide variety of fastener, bracket, and anchor grip hardware. We offer many of our hand rail options as post and baluster/ballustrade options as well, and can also offer custom spacing for a unique look. You can even choose for your railing to be mounted directly into the flooring or decking, or fascia mounted to maximize available square footage.

Stair cable railings installed by our expert team
steel cable railing with wooden handrails on a balcon

Our Railing Systems are Built to Impress

Cable railing systems include every kind of feature you need for your railing, in a home or on your commercial property. From bracket to baluster, these systems impress.

  • Beauty: A cable railing system is an elegant addition to any space. We can achieve a wide variety of styles with them, and add wooden elements to enhance the aesthetic. Creating a railing for an industrial or modern design is simple. We’ve also created elegant traditional railings, simple coastal railings, and those with unique balusters which are custom just for the space they are in. So whether you want a sleek, stainless steel railing system that lets you enjoy an unobstructed view, deck railing systems that incorporate stairway railing and snake around existing landscaping, or a railing system that stands as its own architectural feature, we can help you craft the perfect cable rail system. You can look through our gallery to see just a few of the styles we’ve created.
  • View: Do the cables block the view? We use exceptionally strong cables, which are also very thin. They hardly block the view. Because they have a thin profile, they are simple to ignore while you watch the sun set beyond them. Your beautiful views shouldn’t have to be compromised by the railings around your property.
  • Durability: Through years of direct sunlight, salt spray, rain, and even the occasional snow, our stainless-steel cable railings will stand tall. We guarantee that they will never sag, warp or buckle. You get exceptional durability, and you do not even need to do anything to maintain the railing. Aside from wiping them down with a cloth to remove dirt or dust, these railings are entirely maintenance-free, making them a worthwhile investment for your property.
  • Strength: We use high-quality marine grade cables which are rated to hold 15,000 pounds, which is significantly more than your average railings. Our railing systems are designed squarely, with the right posts, width and placement, in order to take advantage of this strength. Our railing systems can exceed building code requirements for strength, even in commercial applications where your railing needs to handle a lot of weight. Galvanized cable or vinyl cable can degrade in just the sun and certainly can’t withstand long-term use without breaking, making them unreliable. Our cable railing systems offer exceptional strength without blocking your view.
  • Materials: The other materials that make up your railing system matters too. Some railing companies will use steel components, but then choose other materials for the fixtures and brackets. This undermines the overall durability, strength and quality of the railing. We use all-steel components, unless we’re adding some decorative wood (and it won’t undermine the quality of the railing).

Advance Your Open-Plan Office Initiatives

Cable railings can advance your open-plan office initiatives, creating a modern design that inspires teamwork. Rather than using concrete walls that obstruct the employees’ view, open-plan is a modern design that encourages free spaces and promotes collaboration among workers to boost productivity. Cable railing has a “see-between-the-lines” nature, creating a feeling of openness in commercial premises. We can help remove the barriers in your offices by installing cable railing to create an unimpeded view.

Bay Area Cable Railing offers a wide range of railing installations for various commercial and residential applications. Our highly-trained and experienced team can design and fabricate the perfect cable railing system for your building or home. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with a professional railing contractor. We guarantee nothing but exceptional railing installation without breaking the bank.

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