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Whether you’re investing in new construction or a major renovation, your property needs the best railing to be as safe and attractive as it can be. That’s why you should turn to us for railing installation in Palo Alto. We offer high-quality cable railing systems that combine strength, beauty, and longevity, all in a maintenance-free package. If you’re a homeowner or business in Palo Alto and surrounding areas, trust us for your new railing.

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The Benefits of a Cable Railing System

Why choose a cable railing system over the other railing types that are available? It’s simple, because they come with several amazing benefits:

  • Strength: The high-quality stainless-steel cables that we use are rated to hold an incredible 15,000 pounds. That’s much more than your typical car, and enough to keep your railing truly secure.
  • Low maintenance: Our railing systems don’t need to be re-tightened or regularly maintained. Just wipe or hose them clean when necessary.
  • Least obstruction: The thin but incredibly strong cables that we use won’t obscure your view. Unlike glass, they won’t cast a glare. And, unlike wood or other panel materials, they are thin. When you’re focusing on the lovely views in Palo Alto, you won’t see the cables at all.
  • Good looks: Is your property rustic and charming, or modern and minimalist? It doesn’t matter. We can create just the right railing system to enhance the look of your property. Enjoy the sleek look of a stainless steel cable railing system or the flexibility of our custom cable railing systems.

Quality Railing Materials

You can judge a railing contractor by the materials they use and the materials they don’t use. We source of materials from the best local suppliers, including Feeny Inc., Golden State Lumber, U.S. Wholesale Pipe and Tube, and more. We’re committed to supporting the local economy while delivering the highest quality cable rail system we can. Here’s a bit more about the materials we prefer:

  • Type 316 Marine-grade stainless steel cable: So much more than your average stainless-steel cable, this cable has exceptional water resistance and strength. As we invest in such high-quality cable, we can use the thin 1/8-inch version so that your railing obstructs your view as little as possible.
  • High-quality wood varieties: We work with a wide variety of quality wood, to help our clients get the exact look they want for their railing and property.
  • Steel: We use American made steel with Gatorshield, an advanced coating that helps the steel stay strong and beautiful for years to come.
our team delivers the highest quality cable railing system

You may also want to know about the materials we won’t use. Others might install galvanized cable and vinyl-coated cable, but we won’t. That’s because these materials wear out quickly and may end up sagging or even breaking. We have higher standards for our railing systems, and we think you should too.

All of our systems are designed to be fully building code compliant, long-lasting, and safe. They can also be customized with unique finishes, bracket hardware, fasteners, balusters, post caps, and other elements to meet unique architectural needs or aesthetic goals. They can even be fascia mounted to maximize available square footage on your stairs, decking, or balcony. So whether you love the look of stainless steel railing, you want a wood railing hand rail to provide a more rustic look, or you want a completely custom cable rail system, we can help.

“We worked with Tom Salas at Bay Area Cable Railing to get new railing installed on the upper and lower decks in the back of our house. They did an outstanding job quickly and efficiently. I then recommended Tom Salas to a friend of mine and he and his crew also did an excellent job there. That job was overseen by a friend who had already done his own cable railing and he pronounced it an outstanding success as well. We highly recommend Tom Salas and his crew for a cable-railing project. Thanks for hiring such competent people.

Elizabeth H, Read More

Railing for Every Application

Our cable railing systems are the perfect choice for a variety of railing applications, including:

  • Stair railing / stairway rails
  • Balcony railing / balcony rails
  • Deck railing / deck rails
  • Safety railing / guardrails
  • Rooftop rails / rooftop balcony railing
  • Porch railing
  • Hand railing
  • Light fencing

Commercial and Residential Service

Our team is fully equipped to service commercial clients, too. Our steel railing systems can help you show off your property’s amazing view or reflect the quality of your own products and services. Our railing systems have been installed at car dealerships, restaurants, memorial displays, yacht clubs, and more. We are always happy to provide references.

Cable Railings & More

Cable is only one of the infill options we offer. See our current railing options or call now to learn more. Please note that we do not offer aluminum railing or picket fencing.

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Railing Installation in Menlo Park, Atherton & Portola Valley

We also serve as railing contractors in several areas nearby Palo Alto, including Menlo Park, Atherton & Portola Valley. Even cities closer to the South Bay, like Sunnyvale and Mountain View, are well within our service area. We’re happy to serve you with the same high standards for customer satisfaction and quality as we do our other clients. Give us a call today, and we’ll drive out to you.

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