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Why buy a railing that will become an eyesore? Too many homes and businesses in Pleasant Hill have warped, sagging, or ugly railings. When you work with us, you can get a cable railing system that will never warp sag or buckle. We install every system with the same attention to detail and obsession with good looks. Discover why our railing systems will be a true asset to your property.

a railing installation in Pleasant Hill done by our professional contractors

Why Cable Railing Systems?

Don’t buy into the idea that you have to pick between beauty and durability. Discover the railing systems that don’t force you to compromise. Cable railing systems offer impressive features:

a cable railing system ads beauty and durability and much more to your property
  • Strength: We choose only the most exceptional materials for our railing systems, including marine-grade cables. An upgrade from stainless steel, these cables are rated to handle 15,000 pounds each. Considering the average vehicle is 4,000 pounds, that is truly impressive.
  • Beauty: We can use metal, wood, or glass to create elegant railings to match any interior or exterior style. Choose the species of wood to match your deck, or let us guide you to a metal that will add modern flair.
  • Focus on the view: Thin cable railings disrupt your view of what is beyond your railing the least of any material, even glass which creates odd distortions of light.
  • Security: We design the railing system square with ample posts and quality hardware, so you can rest easy knowing the railing is protecting people from a fall.
  • No maintenance: Our railing systems do not require maintenance beyond wiping them down for dust and dirt. They will never sag, warp or buckle.

Which Railing Do You Need?

Your property has unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a railing for your rooftop restaurant or a handrail for the front of your home, a cable railing system can fulfill your needs. We serve both homeowners and commercial property owners.

a handrail cable railing system installed

Railings in Residential Settings

In your home, the safety of your railing and how well it works with your home’s aesthetic are often top priorities. We make railings that are safe for pets and children and also hard for them to damage. These railings will not require maintenance or repair before you sell your home. Choose cable railings for stair railings inside and outside your home or for balconies, decks, rooftops and any other railing need.

Railings for Commercial Settings

For your business property, you may be concerned about the safety and liability concerns that railings can help alleviate. We can create tough, durable railings that whole crowds can lean on. Of course, they have to be beautiful as well, to enhance your property and help cultivate the atmosphere your business needs to be successful. We can help.

back porch with cable railing

Customized Railings

Each of our railing systems has multiple material, feature, and finishing options, allowing for thousands of possible combinations. Choose from:

  • Steel cable railing, stainless steel cable railing, aluminum railing, and glass infill railing
  • Sleek stainless steel or powder-coated matte finish
  • Metal or wood balusters and posts
  • Custom post caps
  • Custom hand rails
  • Custom fasteners and hardware

Our railings are perfect for stairs, deck railing, safety hand railing, rooftop railing, and much more. All of our railing systems are fully building code compliant and are made to last for decades with little to no maintenance.

Quality Railing Materials

We use only the best materials from some of the industry’s leading suppliers (which are local too.) We source high-quality metals, woods, glass and, of course, cables for your railing.

When you’re interested in the best railings, call us at Bay Area Cable Railing.

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