Post Attachment Options

When it comes to mounting your new railing system, you have a few options. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Top Mounted Railings

Top-mounted is the classic railing option that never goes out of style. Top-mounted railings tend to put less strain on the deck, balcony, or platform, which means they’re still the best option for structures where stability could be an issue. Top-mounted rails also can typically be installed in slightly less time, for slightly lower costs.

Fascia-Mounted Railings

Fascia-mounted railings are a great choice when space is at a premium. By fascia-mounting your railings, less square footage will be taken up in the usable area by your railing systems, helping small balconies, porches, and rooftops feel bigger.

Fascia-mounted railings are also generally easier to clean, and many clients prefer the look and feel of fascia-mounted railings.

Undermount Railings

Instead of attaching the railing posts to the surface of your mount, undermount railings hide the hardware entirely. While this option is more expensive and complicated than typical top-mounted railings, the clean lines and simplicity of this option make it a great choice for installations where aesthetics come first.

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