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We proudly complete high-quality railing installations in Santa Rosa with the finest materials and craftsmanship

There’s a reason you’ll see cable railing systems on some of the finest properties in Santa Rosa. They are durable, strong, and leave your guests focused on the lovely view, not the railing itself. As for us, at Bay Area Cable Railing, our focus is always getting you the best quality railing possible for your home or business property. Our railing systems will never sag, warp, or buckle. Trust us for your railing installation in Santa Rosa.

one of our completed railing installations in Santa Rosa

The Ideal Railing for Your Commercial Property

Not all railing contractors understand the unique challenges that a railing will face on a commercial property, but we do. Your railing needs to be more than secure, to reduce your liability and keep your customers, guests, and staff safe. It also needs to be remarkably beautiful, to enhance the atmosphere you’ve carefully cultivated. Looking down the road, it’s also ideal if your railing never needs repairs or even maintenance beyond simple cleaning with a cloth.

Cable railing systems fit all those criteria and more. We construct our railings with materials from some of the industry’s most reliable manufacturers, ensuring tremendous strength and quality. You’ll feel confident that crowds can gather behind your railing. And they will want to gather there for photos and more. We create beautiful railings in wood, steel, or glass, or a combination of these materials.

Secure Railings throughout Your Home

Whether indoors or outdoors, cable railings are a great choice for your home or condominium. We install our railings on balconies, stairs, and even rooftop entertaining spaces. We can install additional hand railings or safety railings wherever you need, helping to adapt homes for seniors, those with disabilities, and children.

In your home, a cable railing offers beauty that works perfectly with your interior or exterior style. We use high-quality materials, in several finishes, and can make other design choices to ensure you achieve the look you want with your railing.

You will also appreciate the safety features of a cable railing system. With horizontal cables that are close together, children are much less likely to get their head in between the rails. Plus, the cables can hold up to 14,000 pounds, so there is virtually no way that you or your rambunctious children can break them. Our railing systems meet or exceed all the safety regulations that apply to your home.

a complicated indoor railing system installed by our dedicated team

Get Guidance from the Finest Railing Contractor

Why work with us? Of course, we’re fully equipped, trained, and licensed. But we offer more than that. We actively guide our clients through the railing selection and installation process, ensuring that they are getting the quality railing they expect that meets needs they don’t even know they have. Beyond that, we have the experience and dedication needed to complete even complicated railings to the most exacting standards of homeowners and businesses.

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