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Cable railings can offer high levels of safety and security around your home or business. Not only can they be used indoors for staircase safety, but they can also be installed outdoors for deck and rooftop safety.

Our team has years of experience installing a variety of cable railing systems to meet the needs of our clients. We work closely with you to ensure the cable railing is exactly what you are hoping for.

All of our railing system installations, from steel to stainless steel, offer high levels of durability and safety while also being installed with aesthetics in mind. A cable rail is simply the ideal material for any rail. Whether your home or business is on the coast or sheltered among the trees, we have a cable railing system that can work for you.

one of our railing contractors in Sonoma is finishing a cable railing installation
staircase railing installation done by our pros

Full Service Railing Installation

With many years of experience, our fully licensed and insured team can create the perfect railing system for your home or business. Give us a call at any time and let’s discuss your plans and expectations when it comes to indoor or outdoor railing systems. We offer rail systems for all situations, including:

  • Deck railing
  • Hand railing
  • Balcony railing
  • Roof railing
  • Safety railing
  • Stairs
  • And more

Whether you are trying to match the aesthetic of your fencing with a deck railing, adding support for guests walking up and down your main staircase, or adding handrails as a safety measure in a warehouse, we have a range of durable and stylish cable railing systems that can work for you.

A Variety of Stylish Railings

Cable Railings with Wood Posts

An extremely stylish and eye-catching choice for cabins, lodges, and other similar aesthetic homes and businesses. Using the same cable railing as our steel and stainless steel options, our wood post railing systems incorporate wooden posts to help add to the overall aesthetics. We can add decorative balusters to a wood railing and we won’t need to sacrifice the quality of a single bracket to achieve the look.

cable railings with wood posts

Steel Railings

With a durability level high enough to withstand 300 pounds of force or more, our steel railing systems are an excellent choice when you need an emphasis on durability and strength. Steel railings are a popular choice for a wide variety of commercial businesses, industrial factories, and waterhouses. Ours are custom welded for durability and design. While strong, they can also achieve marvelous looks, including picket style, modern, and more traditional.

steel railings installed by our team

Stainless Steel Railings

Similar to our standard steel railings, our stainless steel makes use of marine type 316 stainless steel cables for extreme levels of durability and weather resistance. Offering the same ability to withstand extreme forces, these rails are a perfect choice for any application. That includes meeting the higher standards of commercial building codes.

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish contemporary, modern, or industrial aesthetic in your railings, stainless steel can offer exactly that. It’s also a suitable choice for any home or business that is looking for a stylish yet durable cable railing to withstand a wide range of outdoor weather, as well as being able to withstand rust.

stainless steel cable railings installed on deck

Railing Types We Don’t Install

Few materials can compete with the quality of a stainless steel cable. That’s why there are many railing types that we won’t install. Whether for a handrail, stair or deck, these railing types are just not up to your standards:

  • Aluminum railing: Aluminum makes for cheap brackets, cheap fasteners and cheap end-caps. You will soon pay for the low up front cost of this railing in high maintenance and repair costs.
  • Glass railing: Glass infill looks much better in magazines than in-person. Glass reflects light and, depending on the time of day, will distort the view and potentially cause safety issues.
  • Powder-coated railing: Not all coatings are made equal or even made building code compliant. We offer materials with advanced finishes that will stand up to the elements, even salt spray.

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