Stair Railing Design & Installation

Bay Area Cable Railings specializes in stair railing installations made from the highest quality materials with superior craftsmanship. When you want nothing but the best for your home or your business property, a cable railing is an excellent choice.

Why demand the best for a stair railing? Stair railings are close to our hearts, probably thanks to the classic movie scenes where daughters come down the stairs on their prom night or wedding day. Or, the scenes where children adorably run down the stairs, hanging onto the railing with no regard to their long-term stability.

We need our stair railings to be as beautiful as those cherished moments, and stable enough to last through them. Your stair railing should make your home more beautiful, valuable, and safer. Cable railings provide all three.

a stair railing installation made from the highest quality materials

Why Cable Stair Rails?

Whether indoors or outdoors, a cable railing system is a great choice. Here are a few of their advantages:

  • Durability: Our cable railing systems will never buckle, sag or warp, even after long-term exposure to the sun. Long after other cables have worn down, ours will
  • High-end materials: We can install metal, wood, or combination railings in various colors, to perfectly match the style of your home or property. Let us know what you’re looking for or allow us to guide you to the right materials to complete your space.
  • Keep your view: We choose quality cables that balance strength and thinness. So, the railing obstructs your view as little as possible. It’s even better than a glass railing, which can create glare.
  • Maintenance-free: Cable rail systems do not require any maintenance other than a quick wipe down with a cloth when you feel it’s getting dusty.

Which Cables Should I Choose?

If you choose a cable rail system, the kind of cable you use is of the utmost importance. At Bay Area Cable Railing, we can advise you as to which thickness of cable is right for your safety needs. Typically, we use marine grade stainless steel cable in 1/8-inch thickness. Unlike galvanized and vinyl-coated cables, these cables won’t wear out or corrode. As this material is so strong, we can typically use thinner cables, although in some commercial installations, we may advise you to choose thicker ones.

recently installed cable stair rails

Who We Serve

Bay Area Cable Railing serves homeowners and commercial clients. We know how to create the right stair railing to fit each customer’s unique needs.

Commercial Stair Railings

You may have whole crowds leaning against your stair railing. Or, if you’re installing railings on a balcony, they may be one of the most important factors in determining your building’s curb appeal. Commercial stair railings need to be as beautiful as they are strong, and we’ll work with you to ensure you they are.

Residential Stair Railings

You may want a new stair railing to enclose your outdoor entertaining area or to replace an old or ugly stair rail indoors. Homeowners need their railings to be beautiful and strong, but they also need to consider how the railing affects their home value. We can work with you to create a railing that you love and that buyers will want.

Choose Bay Area Cable Railing

Why choose us as your stair rail installer? Our co-owner and lead installer Tom Salas personally oversees every installation, with great care for details and workmanship. Reach out to him with your questions today. We service every location in the Bay Area, with a few of the areas being Pleasanton, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Hercules, Vallejo, and more.

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