Hosting the perfect party often puts pressure on the person organizing the party. If you’ve been contemplating hosting a party on your balcony but are skeptical about whether it will go well, here are some ideas to help you host a memorable party.

Secure the Area

First things first. You must ensure your balcony is safe and able to handle a large crowd. If you have cable railings ensure they are secure and not sagging. To be absolutely sure that all is well, you’ll want to call in professionals to check things out before the party. This will ensure the safety of your guests, even when someone leans on the railing after a few drinks.

Dedicate a Corner for Food

Since balconies are smaller, it can become difficult to move around when multiple people are in the area. While you may feel that placing food in the center of the balcony makes it more accessible, it can be inconvenient, and the food may be knocked over. Dedicating a corner to the food and using vertical stacking trays (tea party racks) can help to better organize and display the food.

Choose Finger Foods Over Messy Food

It can be problematic to hold and enjoy hot wings on a balcony. The best way to feed your guests without making them uncomfortable or worried about cleaning their hands after every bite is by sticking to finger foods that don’t use sauces or coatings. Bite-sized food over larger portions is also a good choice when hosting a balcony party.

Decorate the Space

Just because you’re partying on your balcony doesn’t mean you should ignore decorations. You can put lights on your railings, add some decorative elements in the corners, and even a couple of tea lights around the corners to prepare for your balcony party.

Set Up a Mini-Bar

No party is complete without drinks, so setting up a mini-bar on your balcony makes perfect sense. A couple of bottles of alcohol, an ice bucket, a couple of mixers, soft drinks, and glasses are all you need to set up the ideal space.

Consider Pests

One of the downsides of an open outdoor space party is pests. You’ll need to stay ahead of the game to keep them away. You can use bug zappers or spray the balcony before the party to keep pesky bugs away.

Make Sure You Have Spare Cutlery

Even though you’re serving finger food, having cutlery is a nice touch. Instead of full-size plates, you can stick with disposable quarter plates that take up less space and are easier to throw away. It also doesn’t hurt to have extra disposable glasses, so people can enjoy as many drinks as they want without worrying about cleaning up.


Every party needs good music. Make sure you connect your speakers to a portable music system and set it up in the balcony area to get the party started. You can even consider hiring a DJ if you’re unsure how to set up the music for the party.

There are many options from which to choose, but these are the basics to ensure you have all the elements for hosting a successful party. Enjoy planning and have a blast at your balcony party! Before that, though, give top priority to everyone’s safety and hire Bay Area Cable Railing to secure the area so that everyone will be safe and have an enjoyable experience.