Are you planning a date, or even a proposal, in San Francisco? There’s nothing like a view of the city to set the mood for a romantic evening. Whether you want to plan your romantic night for a hotel, on a rooftop, or a natural outcrop, there are plenty of options in the city. As railing aficionados, we have the inside scoops on some of the best balconies, patios and rooftops around, and we willing to share our secrets to help you plan your next romantic outing.

Here are nine of the best romantic views in San Francisco.

(Note: Some of these locations may be closed due to Covid-19. Please check ahead before visiting.)

1. For Any Anniversary: Mersea Restaurant and Bar

Where: 699 Avenue of the Palms Treasure Island

We had to start our list with the San Francisco restaurant that is currently number one rated on Trip Advisor. The views here are elegant and urban, all at once. Get a complete silhouette of the city, and enjoy local flora and fauna in the foreground, including a succulent garden and rockscape. There couldn’t be a more lovely view for your anniversary or any other occasion for that matter. Of course, the food is prepared by a famous Californian chef, so you can expect your taste buds to be just as delighted.

2. For the Beach-Going Couple: Baker Beach

Baker Beach

Where: The parking lots are off Battery Chamberlin Rd

Who said romance has to be expensive? You can get all of the atmosphere you need to make your evening special at Baker Beach. This beautiful one-mile beach has an enchanting view of the Golden Gate bridge. Take your partner for a walk on one of the many nature trails. Or, if you’re comfortable being on a nude beach, you can head up to the north end, which has a Sand Ladder Stairway to get an even higher view of the bridge and the city.

3. For A Classy Proposal: The Fairmont Hotel

Fairmont Hotel

Where: 950 Mason Street

Would you partner love to be surrounded by elegance and history? Then the Fairmont Hotel is a wise choice. It has hosted JFK and many other historical and glamourous figures. While many of the balconies at the Fairmont have a wonderful view, there’s no doubt that the penthouse and its lush rooftop sitting area have the loveliest view of all. If you’re looking for a theatrical spot to pop the question, this one fits the bill.

4. For the City-Loving Couple: Top of the Mark

Top of the Mark

Where: 999 California Street

This restaurant in the Mark Hopkins Hotel is a great option for those who love the history of San Francisco. The Top of the Mark opened in 1939 and was once a hot spot for Navy officers to say goodbye to their loved ones before they went off to war. Now, it’s more common to see loved ones share a special anniversary there. The view is inspiring. Tables offer a wide view of the bustling city and the Golden Gate Bridge. Or just enjoy the view of the interior, as this building is rich in architectural history.

5. For a Sunset Proposal: Radhaus

Where: 2 Marina Blvd. Building A

Looking for a proposal spot that has a little less pressure than San Francisco’s most famous spots, but is still has a great view and menu? Might we suggest the Radhaus? It sits near the water, amplifying that sunset magic. And, with its huge windows, there’s almost no spot in the restaurant that doesn’t share the view. Still, it’s a less formal, more relaxed environment that won’t intimidate you too much if you plan to propose. Did we mention that the menu is great? So your loved one will want to return to the spot you propose, so the quality of the food should always be a consideration.

6. For the Surfer Couple: Cliff House

Cliff House

Where: 1090 Point Lobos Avenue

Couples who have bonded over their mutual love of the ocean will be enthralled with the view at Cliff House. There are two restaurants in Cliff House, both within a stone’s throw of the ocean, with the thrilling, rocky view to match. Here, you can have your choice between a casual no-pressure environment at Bistro, and the high-class elegance of Sutro. Both restaurants have great food and romantic ambiance to spare.

7. For Your Photo Session: Lover’s Lane

Lover's Lane

Where: Catch the start of the lane at the corner of Presidio Blvd and Pacific Avenue

A great view is important for any engagement or anniversary photo session. So many couples take their photos at Lover’s Lane because its tall trees offer a green, encompassing atmosphere. Time of day and season is important. Consider visiting in the golden hour on a weekday, to make the most of the light and get some space to yourself. Although the lane is not just for photos. Consider it for a romantic hike too.

8. For the Foodie Couple: El Techno de Lolinda

Where: 2518 Mission Street

Restaurants with rooftop patios are inherently romantic, and El Techno de Lolinda is no exception. It has a lovely city view, and every table has a dedicated parasol to provide real shade. It could not be more comfortable. Did we mention the food yet? El Techno de Lolinda offers rooftop cocktails and interesting Argentine and Mexican-inspired dishes. It’s a more casual environment, but one that offers plenty to explore for any couple interested in excellent food. If you’re more interested in a morning outing, you’ll love the brunch offered here.

9. For an Intimate Anniversary: Mission Rock Resort

Mission Rock Resort - San Francisco - 2013

Naval views might most tempt those who prefer a serene, quiet spot for their anniversary. If that’s you, Mission Rock Resort at sunset is a lovely option. If you sit outside, you and your loved one will be treated to a view just inches from the water, which the whole restaurant hovers over. You can watch ships glide by, or enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

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