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From rolling, lush scenery to newly renovated shopping plazas, there are a lot of beautiful views in Walnut Creek. The right railing can make that view even more lovely. Whether it’s your home or your place of business, we can install a top-notch cable railing to provide beauty, safety and security on your property. The benefits of a well-made cable railing system are many, including superior strength, beauty and longevity.

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If you can dream it, we can build it. Our team of talented railing installers can work with virtually any space to create a railing system that is safe, long-lasting, building code compliant, and virtually maintenance free.

Which Railing Do You Need?

A cable railing system is a good fit for a home or a business. Discover how this type of railing can meet your unique needs.

Residential Railings

Your home’s value and your family’s safety are likely your top concerns when you are getting a new railing for your home. We can help by designing a system that will never sag, warp or buckle, and that doesn’t need any maintenance to stay in good condition. Of course, you also need a railing that matches your home’s aesthetic, whether it’s minimalist or rustic, and we can provide one. You’ll have our expert guidance on style as well as safety.

Our residential railing systems are designed to be used as stair railings, balcony railings, rooftop railings, and other applications where strength and reliability is key.

Commercial Railings

In order to keep customers safe and limit liability, you need a railing that can withstand a great deal of weight. Plus, it needs to help you cultivate the right atmosphere for your property. We use a marine-grade cable rated to hold 15,000 pounds. In a commercial context we also can install larger posts for added security. We work with the best local suppliers to get quality materials that will look great too.

cable railing installed with a strong post

Cable Railing Materials

The thin but ultra-strong cable railings are only one part of the railing. You also need a post and handrail material. You can choose wood, metal or a combination of the two for your railing. We can help you choose a material that offers the quality you expect, in a finish that will match your space, whether it’s a rooftop restaurant or the stairs in your home. In our gallery, you’ll find examples of beautiful railings made from quality materials that perfectly suit their surroundings.

The Solutions We Offer

The cable railing systems that we install solve many more problems than you might expect. Here are some ways that our railings shine:

  • Maximize space: Anywhere you install a railing, you want to maximize walking space. We can install railings right into the roof fascia, which gives you more space on the roof while providing a very secure railing.
  • Low maintenance: Other than being wiped down with a cloth for dirt and dust, our railings don’t need maintenance to stay in great condition. You will not need to replace cables.
  • Longevity: Our cable railing systems will never warp, buckle or sag. We don’t use materials, like galvanized steel cable, that lead to these problems. Instead, our railings will last a long time, making the most of your investment.
  • Extra strength: We can use thicker cables and larger posts to support extra weight and ensure your railing is safe for commercial applications.

Ready for a new railing? Reach out to us for railing installation in Walnut Creek or nearby cities, like Concord, San Ramon, Danville, Pleasanton, and more.

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