Those who love green spaces, nature, and fresh air will love biophilic design. This growing trend in architecture and home décor is all about connecting our homes to the natural environment beyond them. Instead of sequestering nature to a yard or a balcony, biophilic design is about reducing the distinction between outdoor and indoor space and making even outdoor spaces more actively connected to the nature around us.

When you’re at home, or the office for that matter, you should get the benefits of being in nature. Some argue that biophilic design is more natural because we evolved to be in contact with nature. It’s clear that having more contact with natural light, plant life, and landscapes can make people happier, healthier and more productive.

A Complete Nature Experience

While adding plants to your space can liven it and bring you benefits, biophilic design is about more than just adding plant life. Adherents of biophilic design believe that the structure, materials and other design choices of the space should bring us into direct contact with nature as much as possible throughout the whole space. Great biophilic design focuses on nature experiences that engage multiple senses.

Natural lighting, views of nature, and walls of lush green plants are a good start. For natural sensory experiences, biophilic designers focus on natural surfaces with intriguing textures such as wood, cotton, terracotta and natural stone. When possible, designers might place moss or plants with an interesting texture within reach too.

Great design can incorporate senses that are more challenging to include, like smell, sound and our ability to sense heat and humidity. Proper ventilation and fresh air help to create a more natural environment. Water features can introduce humidity into the air, as well as create a pleasant sound. Windows with drawn back curtains can bring us into contact with the sun, and windows and skylights can be designed to allow for direct sun when the building occupants may want it.

The best biophilic design is also locally appropriate. That is, it is inspired by the specific nature around your home and not just nature in general. Your home should focus on what’s available in your slice of the Bay Area, or the parts that matter most to you, whether it’s the beach, mountainous terrain, or specific local flora.

Biophilic Design for Your Railing & Balcony

A railing is a necessary boundary that can divide indoor and outdoor space. It can be a crucial element in good biophilic design, particularly on balconies and patios. There are several ways to adjust your balcony to match it to the biophilic design around it.

  • Unobstructed views: Certain railings can limit your view of the nature beyond it. Glass creates light effects, and thick railings block chunks of the view. Cable railings offer the best view, as the cables are strong but thin.
  • Natural materials: We can source a wide range of quality local woods for your balcony. You can also choose to drape your balcony with fabrics or add flower boxes and ornamentation with other natural materials.

We can help you enhance the natural elements of your home with the right railing system.