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A strong commercial railing system should improve the look of your property while reducing your liability too. Our cable railing systems offer the benefits you need to make the most of your property, including long service life, high strength, and gorgeous design. Whether you need a small railing for a short balcony on campus or a large railing system to traverse most of your golf course, we offer the high-quality installation you need and the customer service to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Why Choose Cable Railings?

You have unique needs for your commercial railing, and, of all the types of railings, a cable railing is best suited to fulfill these needs. Our cable railing systems will never warp, sag, or buckle, providing stability and a service life that other systems just can’t match. You get exceptional value for your investment, and continue to benefit from your cable railing for the long term. Here are some reasons to choose cable railings for all of your commercial applications:

  • Thin, strong cables: We prefer to use marine-grade stainless steel cables for commercial railings. 1/8” cables that the thinnest profile, but when your application calls for more strength, we use thicker cables to provide it. Thanks to the exceptional qualities of this steel,
  • Salt-spray resistance: Cable railings offer exceptional environmental resistance and can withstand everything from punishingly bright sun to intense salt spray. In our environment, these qualities are necessary to ensure your railing looks good and remains safe for many years.
  • No maintenance: Our railings are as low maintenance as you can get. Beyond wiping them down for dust and dirt, they require nothing of your staff and won’t add to their workload. They also will not require tightening or other maintenance services that lesser railings require.
  • Exceptional look: We offer metal and wood cable railings with a wide range of finishes. Our team can create a design that will enhance your property, regardless of its style. Railings should be supporting design features that help make your whole property more appealing to your customers. Take a look through our gallery to see the designs we can create.
our pros prefer to use marine-grade stainless steel cables for commercial railings

How We Help Commercial Clients

We have a wealth of experience serving the needs of commercial property owners and builders who require a railing. Our commercial clients choose us because we understand their needs, the special requirements of the commercial building code, and how to complete a railing installation on time and under budget, supporting their construction goals instead of adding complication to the project.

There are many different commercial railing considerations that we’re prepared to tackle, including:

  • Building your railing around existing vegetation without disturbing it.
  • Meeting the heavy weight requirements to hold crowds on your railing.
  • Add a railing to your rooftop to maximize space without compromising safety.

Get Started on Your Commercial Cable Railing

When you choose Bay Area Cable Railing, you’ll get personal attention from Tom Salas, our co-owner who oversees every railing project personally. With his fanatical attention to detail and deep knowledge of railing design and metalwork, he ensures that all of our projects meet our exceptionally high standards, and yours too.

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