If you think your apartment-styled home isn’t the perfect place to raise a fur baby, these pet-friendly balcony design ideas might help to change your mind. With these designs, not only will you manage to create the perfect environment for your pet to enjoy their time, but it will also allow them to enjoy the outdoors without going for walks multiple times a day.

Choose Dog-Friendly Railings

When it comes to pet-safe railings, cable railings are by far the best. You can choose to place the cables closer to each other if you have a smaller dog. This ensures your dog does not slip through the gaps. Cable railings are sturdy and robust and can withstand a puppy’s constant chewing without compromising their integrity.

Puppy Gardens

If your dog enjoys playing in the grass, you can create a small, fenced area and layer it with artificial grass turf. This allows your pup to roll around in the grass whenever they like. Artificial turfs are easier to clean, and you won’t have muddy paws all over your floor.

Dog-Friendly Greens

Growing plants around the balcony is a common occurrence, but you should know that dogs tend to nibble on plants. But be careful! Some plants are poisonous to dogs, so you’ll want to be sure the greenery is safe for your pup. If you plan to grow a few plants, ensure they’re free from pesticides and chemicals and easy to digest. Sprouts are a great option because they’re packed with nutrients and easy on your pup’s tummy.

Dog-Friendly Furniture

Dogs tend to enjoy spending time on the balcony, and if your puppy is one of them, you may want to consider setting up a dog bed. This gives them ample time to bask in the sun while lying on their soft, cozy bed.

Doggy Pool

Come summer, your balcony can get quite warm. However, this won’t stop your dog from wanting to spend time in that space. Inflatable doggy pools are an excellent way for your dog to spend summers on the balcony. They can splash around all they want and stay cool and hydrated even on the hottest days.

Investing in a dog pool is a brilliant idea because it helps bath-averse dogs get used to soaking. You’ll no longer have to drag your pooch into the bathtub. Just throw some doggy soap into the pool (and maybe a rubber duck), and watch them splash themselves clean.

Pet Feeding Area

Your dog needs to eat and drink to stay healthy, and those greens aren’t going to be sufficient. If your dog has claimed ownership of your balcony, placing their food and water bowls there is a smart idea. Try to keep their feeding and drinking bowls away from the sunlight so it doesn’t affect the integrity of the food or heat the water.

If you’re contemplating redoing your balcony to make your puppy happy, Bay Area Cable Railing can secure your area to keep your pooch safe – even when you’re away.