Living in an apartment-style home can sometimes be problematic, especially when you have a busy schedule. If you have a balcony, you can create a relaxing space to escape and enjoy the outdoors while still being at home. If you’re wondering how to spruce up your cityscape balcony, here are a few ideas to consider.

High-Quality Railings

Installing the proper cable railings is the best way to stay safe while connecting with the outdoors. These railings provide maximum view while keeping you safe. Good quality cable railings are easy to maintain and are long-lasting, allowing you to build around the space without repeatedly moving or changing the railings.

Adding Window Boxes

With high-quality railings comes the opportunity to hang decorative items on your balcony. Window boxes are great for growing your garden of vegetables, fruits, or flowers, depending on your needs. Don’t overcrowd the railing when adding window boxes, as this can compromise your view. Also, try to paint the boxes to look appealing and not take away from the overall decor. Stick with neutral shades as much as possible.

Furniture Choice

Your balcony is incomplete without a few pieces of furniture to add to its comfort. Whether you use floor cushions or patio furniture, ensure it doesn’t take up too much balcony space. You will need sufficient space to move around and stay comfortable. You can also consider folding furniture that can be stored when not in use to maximize the floor space. Built-in furniture is another way to save on balcony space and still have a sufficient usable seating area.

Breaking It Down

As mentioned above, the last thing you want is for your balcony to look monotonous. Try to divide the space so that it can be used for various purposes. Whether enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning after your yoga routine, gardening, or simply relaxing after a tiring day at work, your balcony can be utilized well when broken down effectively. It can also extend your living area when you throw a party.


Entertaining is a lot of fun, and when you’ve got a balcony, it gives you the pleasure of bringing the outdoors inside. You can choose to barbeque on your balcony or place a cocktail table to mix drinks while enjoying a starry night. The best part about entertaining on your balcony is you don’t need to worry about cleaning the entire house after your guests have left. All you need to do is clear the outside space.

Use the Right Lighting

Another effective way to bring your balcony to life is with the correct lighting elements. You can choose to decorate your cable railings with fairy lights to highlight the view or simply place tea light candles around the corners to illuminate the space. This is an excellent idea for a romantic evening.

No matter your style, strong cable railings are essential for a fully functional and safe balcony. Bay Area Cable Railing helps set up multi-functioning, durable, and low-maintenance cable railings to maximize your balcony space.