The fascia is the stable wooden board that runs all around the edge of your roof. You’ve probably never seen it, as it is often tucked behind other parts of the edge of your roof, like gutters. But, on a flat roof, the fascia is the perfect spot to mount your railing system. Sure, you could install the posts right onto the rooftop. But mounting them from the edge has some key advantages that help you enjoy your rooftop space.

1. Space on the Rooftop

According to Homeadvisor, the average cost of a rooftop deck is $15-35 per square foot, depending on material costs. That’s reason enough to not waste any space on your deck.  

When you mount your railing system’s posts on the fascia of the roof, the posts are actually off the edge of the roof. They don’t take up any of the square footage of the roof itself, which means you can use more of it. The space will feel bigger, and you will be able to fit more on it. While the half-foot or so you gain by moving just one post off the rooftop to the edge may not seem like much, it really adds up when you consider how many posts you’re moving.

2. Proper Drainage

On flat roofs, there is a slight pitch which directs water toward one edge of the roof. Here the drainage system that will catch it and bring it safely away from your building’s foundation. If you have rooftop-mounted posts, then these posts must necessarily be exposed to the water as it drains off the roof. When you have fascia-mounted posts, there is a small gap between the edge of the roof and the post. Water won’t collect around the post as it waits to be drained. Posts that are exposed to less water will have longer lifespans and be less likely to rust or to develop rot.

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3. Cleaning Ease

That little gap between the roof’s edge and the posts is also highly beneficial for cleaning. If the posts are on the rooftop, then sweeping around them is annoying. When the posts are slightly off the edge, you can sweep directly up to the edge of the roof and let the dust, dirt and leaves brush right off. It’s simpler to clean your roof properly with a fascia-mounted railing system.

4. Great Looks

The right railing system can add elegance and sophistication to your rooftop. Fascia-mounting can enhance that. Both from on top of the roof and from the ground, railing posts that are fascia-mounted look cleaner and more consistent. While you’re on the rooftop, the hardware that attaches the post to the roof is hidden, so you focus on the view. From the ground the hardware is visible, and it looks secure and well-made. Most people agree that fascia-mounted rails look better but look through our portfolio to decide for yourself.

Situations Where You Shouldn’t Fascia-Mount

While fascia-mounted railings are superior in almost all respects, there are a handful of situations where you may not want them. If you have a very short timeline for your installation or a small budget, then a fascia-mounted rail just may not be practical. But, a railing professional can help you determine if you can still get one.