Are you tired of clicking on a beautiful balcony makeover in Google image results only to be taken to a page of other images on Pinterest? Getting inspired doesn’t have to be so frustrating. We’ve collected some of the best places to get your balcony inspiration, no matter what kind of balcony style and features you’re considering.

Here are five places to find the best balcony makeover ideas.

1. For the High-End Makeover: Mansion Global

Do you love inspiration from celebrity balconies, high-end hotels, mansions, and more? Mansion Global has a lifestyle section with inspiration that you’ll love. The site’s primary goal is to list mansion for sale and rent, but you can also find great gems on their blog section, such as Designing a Terrace or Balcony With Distinction and Smart Technology that will Transform Your Terrace. You can always look through the listings to find some interesting balconies too!

2. For the Thrifty Makeover: Apartment Therapy

It can be challenging to find a source of inspiration that truly understands the constraints on small balcony spaces and dedicates any time to exploring practical options instead of just pretty pictures. In this way, Apartment Therapy is the holy grail of balcony ideas. You’ll find great before and after blogs and practical articles that explore smart balcony options. We suggest you start with These 20 Balcony Ideas Prove This Often Overlooked Space Is Worth Decorating and 7 of Our Favorite Outdoor Furniture Sets for Small Patios and Balconies.

3. For the Rental Makeover: Engineer Your Space

Fans of space-saving furniture and transforming tables will love the balcony ideas at Engineer Your Space. The clever editors here focus on makeovers that you can do to your rental home, balcony included. Makeover often include links to specific products that you can use to get the same look and function for your own space, as well as step-by-step instructions for DIY projects. Try out My LA Balcony: Before and After or DIY LA Balcony Makeover.

4. For the Stylish Makeover: The Spruce

The Spruce is known for fresh styles inspiration, including by season, along with some more practical blogs that walk you through the details of a design. Whether you just want some balcony eye candy or are looking for a guide on how to start a garden balcony, you can find it at the Spruce. Some of our favorites include 17 Ways to Turn your Tiny Balcony Into an Irresistible Retreat and Balcony Gardening for Beginners.

5. For the Luxury Makeover: Veranda

Veranda is an amazing design inspiration site for all kinds of spaces, including balconies. The editors always bring in expressive and unusual designs from some of California’s (and the world’s) most interesting designers. If you’re looking for more than a typical Farmhouse look and for blogs that actually include links to the furniture and items shown, Veranda is a great option. We suggest you look at these great blogs: 10 Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Balcony Into a Romantic Getaway and 20 Picturesque Outdoor Seating Ideas For an Inviting Backyard and Garden.