If you are a dog lover, you are constantly thinking of ways to enhance safety within your premises. The stakes are even higher with puppies, which often crawl into small spaces and stumble around. Luckily, cable railing can protect your furry friend from falling right off elevated spaces, regardless of how high. Bay Area Cable Railing can help you protect your dogs by installing string, durable cable railing guaranteed to suit your home style and keep your pet safe. Riling systems can enhance safety without compromising deck appeal and work with you to ensure you maintain an elegant home. Here are reasons to consider cable railing systems.

Prevent Pet Falls

As mentioned, the risk of stumbling off elevated spaces is high with dogs, especially puppies. Even with the railing, the bottom rail is usually several inches off the surface for dogs to squeeze under and fall. Most people opt for horizontal railing to protect their pets, but the risk of falls is still high. Dogs can climb up and over horizontal cables like a ladder, causing falls and possible injuries. The best solution is to hire a professional railing company to customize a design that suits your home and keeps your pets safe. We ensure the spacing is just correct to prevent sudden falls.

Avoid Pet Injuries and Accidents

Besides falls, properly installed cable railing goes a long way in preventing accidents and injuries. If you have a railing on your porch or deck, check for sharp corners which can scrape or cut your dog. In addition, homes with poorly maintained wooden railings put your pest in danger of splinters or paint chips from flaking paint. Although this may not be a significant cause for concern, the last thing you want is a severely injured dog. Homeowners can mitigate these issues by switching to cable railing systems and ensuring a reputable service provider performs installations.

Maintain the Look and Quality of the Railing

Cable railing protects your pets and keeps them safe from your dog. Pets chew on almost anything, from plastic to wood; your railing is no exception. That’s why installing durable and safe railing is advisable to reduce the risk of premature wear and tear. Dogs enjoy outdoor spaces and will utilize every opportunity to run outside. With cable railing, you have peace of mind knowing your furry friend and railing systems are safe.

Why Cable Railing Systems?

There are many railing options on the market, but cable railing is the only one that comes close to cable railing regarding pet safety and the overall aesthetics of your home. These systems are strong enough to handle your pet’s weight and durable to withstand constant biting and chewing. When you want to improve the safety of your premises, we at Bay Area Cable Railing can guarantee proper spacing and smooth edges to prevent falls and injuries. We can help you choose the best deck railing to keep your dog safe without compromising the design and style of your home.