When you think of interior design, a railing may not be the first element that comes to mind. However, your railing style, materials, and finishes can either pull a space together or undermine its overall style. This is especially true in open concept homes, where the railing might be visible from multiple rooms, from the entryway to the kitchen and living room. You can use this to your advantage by choosing a quality cable railing system that enhances your interior design.

Here are seven ways to utilize cable railings in interior designs that can get you thinking about how a cable railing can work for you.

1. Farmhouse Wood

If your railing is visible from your modern farmhouse style kitchen, you can use a cable railing to further the style. The pairing is more natural than you might realize. Think a cross between a white picket fence and a cabled pasture railing, both of which work with the style. With white wooden posts and a handrail that matches the shade of the natural wood elements in your kitchen, it will look great.

2. Industrial Lofts

Cable railings with metal posts obviously work very well with industrial interior designs. The hallmark of industrial style is the loft. So, choose a loft railing that will enhance the simple, metal elements in the rest of your space. You can match the finish of your cable railing metal to the same metals you have throughout your industrial space, whether it’s brushed stainless steel or bronze.

3. Coastal Living Room

Coastal design is all about comfort and natural material choices. Cable railings can achieve both. Choose a high-quality wood for the top rail and finish it in a gentle greyish wash to match the other coastal elements in your home. Choosing thin rails will help keep the emphasis on natural materials in the space. Some elements of metal are usually incorporated in a coastal design, so you don’t have to stress about the cables too much.

4. Contemporary Lines

Cable railing systems are excellent for modern and contemporary styles. With straight lines, they emphasize the focus on straight lines in these designs. This is unlike many other railing systems, which have flourishes and curves that can detract from contemporary styles.

5. Scandinavian Metal

Scandinavian design relies on many of the clean, straight lines of other modern interior design styles. It works wonderfully with cable railing systems for that reason. While Scandinavian design can focus on wood, a metal cable railing system can also work for this style.

6. Rustic Attics and Lofts

Dark, grainy wood with a lot of character is right at home in a rustic space. You ca include this wood on your cable railing to enhance the overall character of your space. Many rustic homes have exposed roof beams and attics and lofts, and a cable railing can help visually connect those elements to the wood in the living space below.

7. Traditional Entryways

Is your railing a prominent feature in your traditional, grand entryway? Cable railings can be made to look traditional, too, with rich wooden posts with a lot of details and unique finishes.

Are you thinking of another style for your cable railing? We can help you make the right stylistic choices to enhance your interior design. Reach out to us for commercial railing installations as well.