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Don’t let any part of your property be an eyesore, especially not something as important as your railing. Whether it’s on a balcony, a rooftop patio, or your indoor staircase, your balcony should be beautiful, safe, and completely maintenance-free. We offer cable railings in Antioch to meet the standards of the most beautiful buildings. From homes to major residential and commercial buildings, we are proud to install cable railings anywhere they need a railing.

Cable balcony railing installed in Antioch, California
cable railing installation with paver patio and old tree

Why Cable Railings?

There are so many different kinds of railings, but they all force you to compromise on something. We install cable railings because they stand alone in offering the longevity, looks and other benefits of cable railings.

  • Safety: Cable railings are so safe because they are impeccably strong. We use thin but tough marine-grade cables that are each rated to hold 15,000 pounds. As the average vehicle is only 4,000 pounds, these cables are exceptionally strong. We can make cable railings that are strong enough for even large crowds in commercial buildings.
  • Durability: We use quality materials and use precise installation techniques that guarantee your cable railing will never sag, warp or buckle. They have exceptional longevity.
  • Beauty: Any building style can be enhanced by the right cable railing. We can design systems with wood, metal, or both and to match any style from minimalist to rustic.
  • Maintenance-free: Beyond the occasional wipe down with a cloth for dust, cable railing systems should never require maintenance.
  • Flexibility: We also love cable railings because they can fit any railing need you have. Whether it’s a handrail indoors or a railing for your outdoor staircase, a cable railing will fit the bill.
  • View: Our thin cable railings disrupt your view the least of any railing system. While glass can distort light and wood railings have to be thick, you can see well through cable railings.
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Commercial Cable Railings

Our team is well versed with the unique needs of different commercial properties. We can create large stable railings to reduce your liability. Plus, we can focus on the beauty of our railings, ensuring that it reinforces the quality brand impression that you want to make in customers. Every building, from hotels to wineries, offices and retail locations, can be elevated with a cable rating.

railing with wooden handrail and view of hills

Residential Cable Railings

Cable railings are also excellent choices for homes, whether you have a single detached property or a condominium. We create railings that are safe for everyone to use, including children and the elderly. Whether you need a hand railing, a balcony railing, or something for your stairs, a cable railing can suit the style of your home.

“I love my new railing. I was not sure how this type of railing was going to work out but Tom Salas made me feel very comfortable as he explained process from beginning to end.  All his people were very professional, friendly and expedient. I would happily recommend this company.”

Sylvia F., Read More

Choose Bay Area Cable Railing

Attention to detail, quality, and personalized service are all included with every railing we make. Co-owner Tom Salas personally oversees every single railing that we install. His skill and dedication to detail have made him one of the Bay Area’s most sought-after railing contractors. Reach out to us for cable railing installation in Antioch today.

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