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We believe that all railings should keep a property beautiful and safe, without compromising. Using flimsy materials that look good or beautiful materials that fall apart is an unwise move in the longrun and definitely is not the quality that homeowners or business patrons expect in Mountain View. We offer quality, beautiful cable railing systems for homes and businesses in Mountain View. These railings are custom-built to match your property’s unique look and feel. Plus, our cable railing systems will never sag, warp, or buckle.

Find out why you should choose us as your railing contractor in Mountain View.

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Why Cable Railings?

There are many potential cable railing types and materials that you could choose from. So, why choose a cable railing with wood or metal for your home or business property? Here’s what cable railings offer:

• The right look: Valuable properties are enhanced by cable railings. Whether you choose wood, metal, or mixed materials for your posts and handles, we can create a railing with the style, flourishes, and finishes that will fit in with your property’s aesthetic.

cable railing installed on terrace

• Strength and safety: The cables we use for our railing systems can hold 14,000 pounds. There are almost no circumstances where they can break. In homes, they will stand up to decades of the kids leaning on them. Or they can hold large crowds safely back from the edge on a commercial property.

• Timeless beauty: You don’t need to do much to keep a cable railing system looking great for a long time. They don’t require any maintenance. Simply wipe the railing with a damp cloth to remove dust every now and then.

• Flexibility: Do you need a railing inside or outside? Do you need extra features, like a railing mounted to the fascia of your roof to maximize your rooftop patio? A cable railing is a flexible system that can meet the challenges of any space.

Fascia-Mounted Railings

Space is at a premium in Mountain View. One of the ways you can get a little more out of your space is to fascia mount your cable railing system.

Unlike a typical railing system or baluster that is mounted directly into your flooring or decking, this option allows us to mount the railing system on the exterior edge of your structure. Vertically-mounted base plates with specialty fasteners and precise welding gives you a sophisticated, space-saving rail system that won’t sacrifice square footage.

Fascia mounted steel cable railing

How to Spot a Quality Cable Railing

Not all cable railings are made to our exacting standards. A poor-quality railing is a liability to your home or property and will eventually cost you in repairs and maintenance. Here’s how you can tell that we strive to create a railing system that will outlast many of the other features on your property:

  • Material quality: We don’t use inferior materials like vinyl-coated cable that break down in the sun. Instead, we use marine-grade stainless steel that is at least 1/8 inch and sometimes thicker for demanding commercial environments.
  • Post size: The strength of the railing also depends on the size of the posts. For example, when we are installing wood posts, we use 4×6 or 6×6 posts to offer ample strength. Metal end posts can be smaller, as the material is stronger.
  • The view:In the end, a great cable railing should maximize the lovely view just beyond it. Take a look at our gallery to see truly unobtrusive railing designs that put the emphasis on your view.

Serving Residential & Commercial Clients

From balconies and stairs to large-scale commercial applications, our team is uniquely equipped for jobs large and small. In addition to residential and commercial projects, we can also work with:

  • Medical and educational campuses
  • Municipal structures
  • Places of worship
  • Industrial properties
  • And more

Our references range from veteran memorials to car dealerships, yacht clubs, and a lot more, so don’t hesitate to call.

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Reach out to us at Bay Area Cable Railing to discuss why we should be your railing contractor in Mountain View, CA. True to our name, we service the entire San Francisco Bay Area. So even if you’re located in another city, like Sunnyvale or San Jose, rest assured knowing that our pros are based in the Bay Area and ready to come to your location at a moment’s notice.

Why Stainless Steel Cable Railings are The Best Option

While we offer a wide variety of railing systems, our stainless steel cable railings are the preferred option.

Stainless steel cable railings offer superior strength versus aluminum railing, and a sleek styling that sets them apart from powder-coated steel. While stainless steel’s anti-corrosive, stain resistant, and anti-microbial properties are all big bonuses, the real advantage is a look that’s hard to ignore.

a railing installation in Oakland done by our pros

For Every Type of Railing Application

Our cable railing systems are perfect for a variety of applications, including handrails, stair railing, deck railing, rooftop railing, safety railing, and more. They’re a great way to upgrade your stairwell, curb appeal, or just to give you a clearer view from your balcony.

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