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Unstable, bent, and warped railings are safety concerns and liabilities for homeowners and for businesses. Replace your old railing with a new cable railing system that will never warp, buckle, or sag. Or, choose a cable railing for a new space and never have to worry about railing maintenance and replacement. Our team of expert, experienced railing installers in Los Gatos can get you a worry-free cable railing system that elegantly matches the aesthetic or your home or property. Learn more about why you should choose a cable railing and our team to install it below.

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Why Cable Railings?

So many of the investments that we make in our homes fall apart in a few years or become real headaches even a decade down the line. Cable railing systems are an exception. They have remarkable longevity. We install them to the highest standards so that they never break. There are plenty of other great advantages to these railing systems, including:

custom porch cable railing with fascia-mounted hardware and powder-coated posts
  • Custom options: With a range of materials and colors, we can create railings to suit any style, from the most hyper-modern and minimal to the rustic and traditional. Look through our gallery to see some of the interesting possibilities.
  • Unmatched strength:Even for commercial applications, where you could have many people leaning on the railing, overtaxing the cables in these railings is virtually impossible. Each one is rated to hold 14,000 pounds, significantly more than the average vehicle.
  • Flexibility: With strength and style in equal proportions, cable railings are flexible enough for any application, indoors or outdoors. Consider them for hand railings, balcony railings, rooftop railings, and for the railing inside your home.
  • Material quality: You won’t get this from every company, but we strive to choose only high-quality wood, steel and aluminum for our railings. We work with local suppliers to ensure we have materials that meet our high standards, so we’re always meeting your expectations for the highest quality railings.
  • No maintenance: A properly designed and installed cable railing should not need any maintenance at all. You can wipe it down to pick up dirt and dust and then feel confident it doesn’t need anything else.
cable railing porch and stair railing with wood handrail and fascia mounts

The Flexibility of Cable Railings

Cable railing systems are perfect to meet a wide variety of needs. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we can make a cable railing to suit your specific space. We are experts at figuring out your unique needs and ensuring that your railing will meet them.

As a business or the owner of a commercial property, you may need a railing strong enough to support a crowd. Or railings for the balconies or your new condo building that will support your building’s stellar curb appeal. We can create beautiful railings to reduce your liability and further your business reputation.

Homeowners might be more concerned about how a railing will look with their home’s aesthetics. Can we use materials to match your deck or your hardwood flooring? You bet. We have many high-quality options for you to explore, from stainless steel rails to wooden handrails, power-coated fasteners, custom baluster parts, fascia mounts, and so much more. All of our options are expertly welded to offer a sleek, sophisticated appearance. They also exceed all building codes in Los Gatos and are fully ADA compliant.

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Railings for Every Situation

Our railing systems make great handrailing, stair railing, deck railing, rooftop railing, porch railing, and can even be used as light fencing.

While we offer many options, please note that we do not install aluminum railing, picket railing, glass railing systems, or other infill systems. Only stainless steel cable railing, steel cable railing, and wood post cable railing systems.

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