Railing Installation in San Francisco

Our railing contractors proudly serve San Francisco, CA, using the finest materials to craft cable railings systems that are a cut above the rest

Discover why cable railing installation in San Francisco is quickly becoming the most popular type of railing installation. Whether you need to make your balcony a safer place for entertaining or turn your rooftop into a usable space, our cable railing systems are a perfect choice.

our professional contractors finished a railing installation in San Francisco
a beautiful cable railing installed by our team

Why Choose Cable Railings?

A cable railing system is an excellent choice for many reasons, including:

  • Beauty: Cable railings are the least visually disruptive railing systems, even over glass railings. We use high-quality woods and metal in a wide range of colors and finishes to best match your space. We make other design choices that ensure your railing system looks as elegant or as rustic as you’re imagining.
  • Durability: Our cable railing systems will never sag, warp or buckle and so they also never become an eyesore. They don’t require maintenance beyond a simple wash with soap and water. When you choose a railing system from us, you’re making a long-term investment.
  • Security: Safety is likely your first concern for your property. We feel the same; that’s why we install railing systems that meet or exceed safety standards. You can have real peace of mind that your railing offers everyone in your space security.

Rooftop Railings

Space is at a premium in San Francisco, so more people are turning their rooftops into living spaces, restaurant patios, micro-green farms, and yoga studios. There’s something glorious about looking out over San Francisco, and we want to help you maximize that feeling. At Bay Area Cable Railing, we can design a railing that gives you more space, security, and beauty on your rooftop.

rooftop cable railing installed
  • Space: We can mount your cable railing posts directly to the fascia of your roof. The fascia is a wooden board on the edge of the roof. It is attached to the roof truss and sits just behind your gutters. By mounting your posts here, we free up more of your square footage on the real rooftop. Plus, fascia-mounting is secure and doesn’t compromise safety.
  • Security: Our cable railing systems are designed and installed to the highest safety standards. We typically use marine-grade stainless steel cable that, while thin, can hold 15,000 pounds. We also add extra-large corner and end posts for support. Before we design your rail, we’ll discuss your safety needs in-depth, and you can be sure we won’t cut corners on your security.
  • Beauty: We use such high-quality materials that we can install thin cable that won’t distract from your view. Cables are actually the least visually obstruct material. Unlike glass, they don’t cause reflections and glare.

Other Railing Applications & Railing Options

We can install railings for any space in your home or on your commercial property, both indoors and outdoors. Choose us for:

  • Hand railing
  • Deck railing
  • Patio railing
  • Porch railing
  • Balcony railing
  • Stairway railing
  • Overhead metal trellises
  • Aluminum railing
  • Steel railing
  • Wood railing
  • Stainless steel cable railing
  • Powder-coated railing
  • Glass railing systems
  • Picket railing
  • Railing with custom infill

We can create wood and cable railings, metal railings, glass railings, and other mixed material railing systems. Our systems can be customized for virtually any aesthetic, from sleek steel railings to craftsman wood systems. All of our systems are building code compliant, resist corrosion, and require little to no maintenance. Call now to get started with your custom bid.

The Finest Railing Contractor in San Francisco

Tom Salas, Bay Area Cable’s lead installer and co-owner, personally oversee every installation. Reach out to him today to discuss your railing installation in San Francisco. Through the years our team at Bay Area Cable Railings has installed custom railings to homes and commercial properties across the Bay Area. So, whether you’re in need of a commercial safety railing installation in San Francisco, commercial railings in Mountain View, or a stair railing installation in Santa Rosa, give our pros a call today.

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