Railing Installation in San Mateo

Our railing contractors proudly serve San Mateo, and surrounding areas, with superior expertise and dedication to customer service.

Too many railings are eyesores on otherwise beautiful commercial and residential properties in San Mateo. Don’t buy into the idea that you have to choose between beauty and safety. A cable railing system can provide both exceptional good looks and tremendous strength. Let Bay Area Cable Railing give you superior railing installation in San Mateo.

custom metal rail installation to residential property in san mateo ca
custom black metal railing installed to the top floor of a residential home in san mateo. House is white walled with black floor and coffee table in the center.
black metal cable railing being installed to a residential stairwell in san mateo ca

A Better Railing System

Why choose a cable railing system over the many other kinds of railings available today? These systems offer a combination of features that no other system can match:

  • Strength: Of course, not all cables are created equal. But the cables that we use offer incredible strength. Our first-choice cable is rated for 15,000 pounds, which means that it is virtually impossible for you to break them.
  • Longevity: Our cables will not sag, break, or warp overtime. We achieve this longevity by installing end posts of the correct size and using high-quality cables that won’t rust in rain or weaken in the sun.
  • Beauty: We can create wood and metal posts that enhance the beauty of your specific property. Various finishes and colors are available.   
  • Least obstruction: While you may think glass railings will obscure your view the least, these railing actually cast a glare that can distract from your curb appeal and distort your view. Cables can be very thin, which makes them very easy to ignore, in favor of the lovely view.
  • Space maximizing: In certain circumstances, we can design our system to take up less of your space. For example, we can install our cable railing systems directly onto the fascia of your roof, which gives you more usable square footage on your rooftop.
custom black metal cable railing installed to the exterior of a residential property. Beautiful view of trees from railing.

Who We Serve

Cable railing systems are equally at home in commercial and residential properties, and so are we. At Bay Area Cable Railing, we have the expertise to fine-tune our railing systems for homes and for a huge range of business properties. Whether you own a golf club, an event venue, or a condo, we can create the right cable railing system for you.

We install railings for a wide range of spaces, including:

  •         Balcony railings
  •         Rooftop railings
  •         Stair railings
  •         Hand railings
  •         Safety railings
  •         And more

We also use a wide range of materials in our installations. We can create high-quality railing systems out of these materials:

  •         Metal railings
  •         Picket railings
  •         Wood railings
  •         Wood and metal railings
  •         Glass railings

Find Us Near San Mateo

We don’t just serve San Mateo. We can also install our high-quality railing systems in nearby areas such as Hillsborough, Burlingame, and Milbrae. Even if you’re located elsewhere in the Bay Area, such as San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, or even as far out as Santa Rosa, our team will still find the time to travel to you.

No matter where we install them, we give all our railing systems the same attention to detail and care. In fact, Bay Area Cable Railing’s owner, Tom Salas, personally oversees each railing installation. You can see his passion for metalwork and fanatical attention to detail in every railing system that we create.

Reach out to Tom today to discuss your railing installation in San Mateo.

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