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Bay Area Cable Railing is proud to be the railing contractor in Sunnyvale with superior skill and dedication to quality

A railing should be safe, strong and beautiful, without detracting from the beautiful view beyond it. At Bay Area Cable Railing, we achieve all of that with each and every railing we install. Whether you need a railing for your rooftop restaurant or balcony stairs, we can deliver the perfect solution. Discover why cable railings are so ideal and why you should choose us as your railing contractor in Sunnyvale.

your railing contractor in Sunnyvale can help install a rooftop glass railing

A Higher Quality Railing

We’ve all seen properties with sagging rails, chipped metal paint, corrosion, or other eyesores. There is no reason for a railing you choose today to ever look like this. The cable railings we install will never sag, warp, or buckle. We install them with a high attention to detail, so it is perfect for your property. Here are some of the incredible benefits of a cable railing system from us:

  • Security: We use high-quality cables that are rated to hold 15,000 pounds. There are almost no circumstances where they can break, even if you have crowds behind them. Plus, we carefully adhere to any safety standards that apply to your property.
  • Beauty: Our craftsman can use metal, wood, and glass to make uniquely beautiful railing systems that work for your property.
  • No maintenance: Beyond wiping the railing down with a clean cloth, your new cable railing will not need any maintenance.
  • Durability: As we use only high-quality materials from reliable manufacturers, our cable railing systems will never warp, buckle, or even sag.
  • The view: We use thin cables so that it’s simple to see the lovely view beyond the railing. Glass gives off a glare, so cable railings are truly the best for emphasizing your view.

Cable railings have the features needed for a wide variety of applications, for home and businesses alike. Call us any time for a custom railing installation bid for:

  • Hand railings
  • Deck railings
  • Porch railings
  • Balcony railings
  • Stairway railings
  • Rooftop railings
  • And more
our team used marine-grade cable for this railing installation

Materials We Won’t Use

There are some materials that we won’t use. This is one way to tell that we’re truly dedicated to the quality of the final product. Other railing contractors may use galvanized steel cables, but these corrode over time and isn’t a safe investment, so we don’t use it. Even worse are vinyl-coated cable as it fades and eventually breaks from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Instead, we use marine-grade cable to ensure that your railing will stand the test of time.

Railing Styles for Every Application

If you think all cable rails systems look pretty much the same, think again.

The railing posts we install in your home or at your business can drastically change the character of your railing system. Lightweight matte painted aluminum, stainless steel, and wood posts are some of our most popular options, and they all bring their own unique looks and feels to your railing system. We also offer other infill options, like tempered glass, to further push the boundaries of what we can install. While steel railing systems are our most popular option, the only limit is your imagination.

Our steel cables can be affixed to aluminum tubing, wood railing, powder-coated metal railing, stainless steel railing, and more. We also offer a variety of hand railing options, post cap options, fasteners, post caps and other finishes so you’ll have total control over the aesthetic of your new railing system.

For smaller roofs and patios, we also offer fascia-mounted systems. Unlike attaching the railing to your decking, this option won’t use an inch of the surface’s square footage, so you won’t have to compromise. For a fascia-mounted system, we drill directly into the fascia and use vertical base plates, so your railing system will still stand up perfectly straight.

In addition, we also install other types of rails, picket fences, balusters, and more.

commercial stainless steel railing installation at a car dealership in Sunnyvale

Commercial Railing Systems

Our cable railing systems aren’t just for home use. They’re also great for a variety of commercial applications, and our team is fully equipped to handle jobs of any size. Our railings can be installed for ADA compliant applications, and we’re always careful to meet all building codes.

Many of our commercial railing installation clients prefer the look of stainless steel cable railing, since its sharp, sleek appearance can put the finishing touch on a wide variety of spaces. Stainless steel railing also requires no maintenance, which makes it a great option for high traffic parts of your property.

We’re Personally Invested in Your Railing

Whether you’re a homeowner or running a business, you can trust us. The whole team at Bay Area Cable Railing is dedicated to your railing quality. In fact, Tom Salas, the installed and co-owner, personally oversees every single railing installation. Using his superior metalworking skills and experience in fine carpentry, Tom creates a superior railing.

Choose our team as your railing contractor in Sunnyvale, and you won’t be disappointed.

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