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Investing in a high quality railing system for your home or business in Santa Clara and surrounding areas can not only offer peace of mind when it comes to safety, but can also improve your property values and curb appeal.

Our team has years of experience in installing both residential and commercial railing systems that compliment the look of your property, while also providing you with the highest level of safety and security.

Whether you are looking for steel, stainless steel, or glass railing systems, our team of professional railing installers is ready to work with you to design a perfect balcony, porch, or rooftop railing today!

quality railing installed by your dedicated contractor in Santa Clara
railing system installed by our pros

Complete Railing Installation Services

Our contractor team focuses on using the highest quality materials available. We put pride in the workmanship of every railing installation we provide so you can be proud of your railing system for years to come.

Whether you are looking for deck and balcony railing, stair railing, or rooftop railing, our team has the experience needed to provide high quality results.

Our railing components are sourced from well known manufacturers in the industry to ensure you receive a high quality product from start to finish. We rely on type-316 stainless steel to offer the highest possible levels of corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and more.

What Our Team Can Offer

a steel railing system installed

Steel Railings

Made and installed with durability in mind, our steel railings can withstand forces of more than 300 pounds giving you the highest level of safety when it comes to perimeter railings.

Stylish enough to be used around homes and businesses, yet strong enough to be a practical addition to factories and industrial settings, our steel railings are designed to need very little maintenance and retightening.

Stainless Steel Railings

Similar to our steel railings, stainless steel adds another layer of durability and aesthetics to your railing installation. Made from type-316 marine grade stainless steel cables, you won’t find any other railing for residential or commercial installation that is more durable.

This style of railing is extremely sleek and offers a modern aesthetic for both residential and commercial installations. Stainless steel components are extremely durable offering superior levels of corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and requiring very little maintenance.

durable stainless steel railing
our team installed this glass railing system

Glass Railings

For the highest level of safety and peace of mind in homes or businesses that have children or pets present, our quality glass railings are an outstanding choice to consider for installation around balconies, decks, raised porches, and rooftop patios.

Not only can solid panel glass railings prevent children and pets from climbing over or through the panels as they could with a cable railing system, glass railings offer completely unobstructed 360 degree views around your home or business.

Perfect for rooftop bars and dining establishments, our glass railing systems are made with stability and durability in mind. Perfect for installation on homes or businesses with large windows or other major glass or mirror features to help compliment the overall facade of the building.

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