Professional Cable Railing Installations in Corte Madera

Any property can benefit from a cable railing system. Cable railing systems provide exceptional strength, long-term durability, surprising beauty, and they are the least obstructive to your view. To ensure we produce a superior railing every time, we seek out the best materials from local, industry-leading manufacturers. Our railing systems can be fully customized to meet your needs and tastes. From powder-coated posts to wood posts and custom finishes, your railing system can look as sleek and modern, weathered and rustic, or unique and memorable as you want. At Bay Area Cable Railing, we are ready to help you create the look you envision.

our team finished this cable railing installation in Corte Madera
stainless steel railings designed and installed by our team

Fully Customizable

Cable railings are compatible with most architectural styles, from contemporary to rustic and traditional. A cable railing is an excellent option if you are still determining the railing suited to your architecture and interior design. A railing contractor can easily install cable railing with existing wood, metal, and composite railings to achieve your desired style. Many people feel that concrete slabs don’t blend nicely with wooden railings, but cable railings are the exception. You can create a sophisticated appearance appealing to concrete surfaces with stainless steel cable railings.

Many of our components are available in multiple finishes, and all of our components are painstakingly drilled and welded to look great from any angle. Much of our metal is custom fabricated by us, or by trusted suppliers, so no two cable rail systems are exactly the same. So whether you want a sleek, stainless steel railing system that lets you enjoy an unobstructed view, deck railing systems that incorporate stairway railing and snake around existing landscaping, or a wood railing system that stands as its own architectural feature, we can help you craft the perfect cable rail system to exceed your expectations.

For handrails, choose from sleek stainless steel, powder-coated steel, natural wood, stained wood, and more. For hardware, we offer a wide variety of fastener, bracket, and anchor grip hardware. We offer many of our handrail options as post and baluster/balustrade options as well, and can also offer custom spacing for a unique look. You can even choose for your railing to be mounted directly into the flooring or decking, or fascia mounted to maximize available square footage.

Why Bay Area Cable Railing?

It’s important to choose a style of railing that not only reflects your personal taste, but also matches the surrounding environment. Bay Area Cable Railing has years of experience working with trustworthy suppliers and actively guiding clients through the installation process, ensuring that they’ve chosen a quality railing suited for that project. Balcony railings, outdoor stair railings, and front porch railings are in such high demand because the scenic views are such an integral part of owning property in this area. As a railing company, we totally understand this. That’s why we specialize in cable railing, which provides safety without sacrificing the quality of your view.

Bay Area Cable Railing is also well-versed in interior railing projects of all types, having successfully completed a number of complex stair railing and handrail installation projects through the years. Our railing contractors are fully equipped, trained and licensed to install or repair your residential or commercial railing.

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