Cable Railing Installations in Menlo Park, CA

For businesses and for homes, cable railing systems are an exceptional choice for indoor and outdoor purposes, no matter the design of the space.  With exceptional strength, beauty and durability, our cable railing systems provide the best qualities you could want in a railing. Discover why you should choose them for your railing and why you should choose our team at Bay Area Cable Railing to install your railing below.

our pros finished the installation of these cable railings in Menlo Park, CA
stylish stair cable railings designed and installed by our team

Why Cable Railings?

There are many other railing options, so why choose cable railings? We can confidently say that we offer a product of exceptional quality. In addition, they offer a combination of features that no other railing system can, including:

  • Strength: Cable railings are incredibly strong.  The first-choice cables we recommend for most purposes are rated for 15,000 pounds, significantly more than a car.  It is virtually impossible to snap these cables.
  • Durability: These cable railings will continue to look amazing for years to come.  Our cables will not sag, break, or warp over time.  We’re dedicated to quality installation so you can enjoy your cable railing system for a long time while being low-maintenance.
  • Beauty: Choose from high-end woods, quality metals, glass, or a mixture of materials for your railing.  We can create a railing to accommodate the aesthetic you are looking for.
  • Views:  Our thin cables allow you to maintain your view, rather than blocking them.  They blend in seamlessly.

Fully Customizable

Whether you’re looking for deck railing, stair railing, light fencing, or just a simple handrail, our cable rail systems can be fully customized for your needs and aesthetic tastes.

One of our most popular customization options is to incorporate wooden elements into your railing. Hardwood balusters, post caps or handrails can add warm, natural tones that contrast beautifully with the precise, industrial look of stainless steel cable rails. Power-coated elements and textured finishes can also be introduced to match or complement other architectural elements, such as stained decking. We can even customize the type of bracket hardware and fasteners to offer a more finely tuned, sophisticated look, and can offer multiple options for balustrade and tubing elements. No matter what options you choose, all of our railings are built with safety and security in mind, with elements that exceed building code standards.

our team incorporated wooden elements into these cable railings
our pros installed these cable railings on a deck in Melo Park

Where do You Need  Railing?

For businesses and for homes, cable railing systems are an exceptional choice for indoor and outdoor purposes, no matter the design of the space. We can install cable railing systems for these purposes and spaces:

  • Hand railings
  • Deck railings
  • Porch railings
  • Staircase railings
  • Balcony railings
  • Rooftop railings

We can also install a sleek steel railing that incorporates multiple elements, such as railing that starts at your stairs and ends at a balcony.

Our team is experts in adjusting railing design to fit the specific application we are installing it for. For example, on flat roofs, we can install rooftop railings directly into the fascia, giving you more square footage to stand on. For commercial railings, we can use thicker posts to provide more strength and safety for large crowds of people.

Why Choose Bay Area Cable Railing?

All of our systems are custom built from the best materials the railing industry has to offer. Custom building our systems means that we can offer more options than your typical hand railing installer. Whether you could benefit from fascia-mount railings that maximize floor space on your deck, rooftop, or balcony, or whether you need a few hairpin turns to unify a longer, more complex railing system, our team is beyond prepared for the job.

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